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Nanonets: Revolutionize accounts payable with AI finance automation


Nanonets is a powerful accounts payable automation tool that aims to simplify and streamline financial processes for businesses. By utilizing artificial intelligence, Nanonets enables finance teams to be 10 times more efficient by reducing manual effort and saving valuable time.

One of the key features of Nanonets is its ability to automate hours of data entry in just minutes. The AI technology automatically reads invoices, syncs the relevant information, and sends real-time notifications for invoices that require attention. This ensures that the process of handling invoices is fast and accurate.

Nanonets also offers seamless integration with accounting software, ensuring that every detail from invoices, including line items and GL codes, are captured and synced instantly. This synchronization helps in maintaining accurate financial records without the need for manual input.

In addition to invoice processing, Nanonets also offers domestic and global payment solutions. Users can choose from a variety of payment methods, including ACH debit/credit, wires, cards, and wallet payments, in over 40 currencies and with all major banks and payment partners. This flexibility allows businesses to make payments anytime, anywhere, with ease.

Furthermore, Nanonets prides itself on being a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates with other tools that businesses may already be using. This makes it easy for businesses to transition to Nanonets without disruption to their current workflows.

Nanonets also prioritizes data security, ensuring that all extracted data is compliant with GDPR regulations. The platform also offers features such as data validation, model retraining, fast API response time, on-premises deployment, and continuous learning to further enhance its capabilities.

Nanonets – Features

Reduce manual effort with finance automation
AI that makes finance teams 10x more efficient
Automatic reading and syncing of invoices
Real-time notifications for invoices that need attention
Perfect sync with accounting software
Domestic and global payment options
Syncs with all your favorite tools
GDPR Compliant and data validation

Nanonets – Pricing

Nanonets offers a STARTER plan for $49/user/month with a free trial for 7 days or a fixed price of $199/mo for 5+ users, a PRO plan for $69/user/month or a fixed price of $499/mo for 10+ users, and a PLUS plan for $99/user/month with customised plans available.

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