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NewRelic: Revolutionizing data monitoring and analysis


NewRelic is an all-in-one observability tool designed to provide businesses with comprehensive insights into their entire technology stack. With features such as collaboration, change tracking, security, logs, service levels, and code stream, NewRelic offers engineers the data they need to monitor, debug, and improve their systems effectively.

This tool offers a wide range of monitoring capabilities, including database monitoring, serverless monitoring, host monitoring, Kubernetes monitoring, cloud monitoring, network monitoring, error tracking, profiling, traces, APM, browser monitoring, synthetics, mobile monitoring, and more. NewRelic also utilizes artificial intelligence to detect anomalies, send alerts, and proactively remediate issues to ensure system health.

With NewRelic, businesses can easily visualize and analyze data through customizable dashboards, collaborate effectively with team members, and track changes across their technology stack. The tool offers integrations with various platforms to streamline workflows and provide a seamless monitoring experience.

In conclusion, NewRelic is a powerful business tool that empowers engineers to gain comprehensive visibility into their systems, improve performance, and enhance the overall user experience. Its robust features, AI capabilities, and user-friendly interface make it a valuable asset for any business looking to optimize their technology stack and drive success.

NewRelic – Features

All-in-one observability
Change Tracking
Service Levels
Database Monitoring
Error Tracking

NewRelic – Pricing

NewRelic offers simple and transparent pricing plans based on usage. The pricing includes 100 GB of free data ingest per month, different user types, and access to 30+ capabilities with no additional costs for hosts and CPUs. Customers can choose from Free, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise editions based on their needs. Custom pricing is available for Enterprise customers.

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