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ObviouslyAI: Transforming data into actionable insights


Obviously AI is a cutting-edge business tool that allows users to harness the power of artificial intelligence without the need for coding. With their fast and precise AI models, users can quickly turn raw data into industry-leading predictive models in just minutes, rather than months.

The tool offers a range of possibilities, including classification for predicting churn, lead conversion, loan repayment, fraud, and more. It also features regression capabilities for predicting sales, dynamic pricing, yield, deal size, costs, and other metrics. Additionally, Obviously AI supports time series analysis for predicting future outcomes based on time-based data.

One of the key benefits of Obviously AI is its ability to rapidly build AI models, providing users with a short time to value and allowing them to leverage their data for a competitive advantage. With just a few clicks, users can create and deploy AI models, saving time and resources.

The tool also simplifies the process of getting AI models into production, with one-click deployment of web apps for real-time use. Additionally, Obviously AI offers robotic process automation capabilities powered by AI, allowing for automatic model monitoring and actions based on prediction probabilities.

Furthermore, Obviously AI provides real-time REST APIs that enable users to integrate AI predictions into their apps or visualize prediction data in existing tools like PowerBI and Looker. Users also have access to a dedicated data scientist who can assist with data merging, enrichment, cleaning, and other statistical tasks, acting as an extension of their team.

Overall, Obviously AI is a comprehensive business tool that empowers users to make informed decisions based on powerful AI models, without the complexity of coding or lengthy development processes. With its range of capabilities and user-friendly interface, Obviously AI is a valuable asset for businesses looking to leverage AI for improved efficiency and profitability.

Obviously AI – Features

No-code AI tool for fast and precise results
Classification for predicting churn, lead conversion, fraud, etc.
Regression for predicting sales, dynamic pricing, costs, etc.
Time Series for predicting numbers over time
Fast AI model creation in minutes
One-click AI model deployment to production
Robotic Process Automation powered by AI
Real-time REST APIs for integration and visualization

Obviously AI – Pricing

The pricing plans for Obviously AI include a Full Access Software plan for $999/month, a Data Scientist with Code Files plan for $1999/month, and a Data Science Team with Express Support plan with customizable pricing. All plans offer unlimited requests, revisions, and access to various data science technologies.

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