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Octoparse: Easy web scraping for all industries


Octoparse is a powerful web scraping tool that allows users to easily extract structured data from websites without the need for coding.

With Octoparse, anyone can build reliable web scrapers using a visual workflow designer and interact with web elements the way they want. The tool offers features such as IP rotation, CAPTCHA solving, proxies, and preset templates for popular websites to streamline the scraping process.

Users can maximize efficiency with a 24/7 cloud solution, schedule scrapers, and automatically export data. Octoparse caters to a wide range of industries, including lead generation, higher education, news and content curation, e-commerce, social media, automobile data, and enterprise solutions.

Whether you need to gather data for research, marketing, or analysis, Octoparse provides a user-friendly solution for web scraping tasks of all sizes.

Octoparse – Features

Easy web scraping with no coding required
Build reliable web scrapers with workflow designer
Maximize efficiency with 24/7 cloud solution
Schedule scrapers and automate data export
Interact with web elements easily
Browse preset templates for popular websites
Use cases for various industries such as lead generation, higher education, ecommerce, etc.
OpenAPI support and automatic data export

Octoparse – Pricing

Free Plan: Small projects, 10 tasks, local devices, 10K data rows per export, limited support.
Standard Plan: Small teams, $75/month, 100 tasks, IP rotation, CAPTCHA solving, API access.
Professional Plan: Medium businesses, $208/month, 250 tasks, auto backup to cloud, 1-on-1 training.
Enterprise Plan: Large enterprises, contact sales, 750+ tasks, team collaboration, dedicated success manager.

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