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Optimove: Unlock customer loyalty and drive business growth


Optimove is one of the best Ai marketing tools that provides a customer-led marketing platform, enabling businesses to drive loyalty and engage customers on their terms. It has been ranked #1 by Gartner for Multichannel Marketing Journey Orchestration and is recognized as the highest challenger for enabling data-centric marketing programs with data management and AI.

By putting customer data at the start of everything, Optimove helps businesses achieve significant returns on investment, with a 578% ROI, as well as a 33% average increase in customer lifetime value and an 88% campaign efficiency improvement.

This tool is backed by Forrester Research, which confirms that customer-led marketing drives business performance. With Optimove’s innately intelligent marketing, businesses can make the shift from product-led marketing to customer-led marketing and gain the loyalty of customers for life.

Optimove – Features

Real-time CDP for personalized multichannel campaigns optimized by AI
Personalized experiences across web, app, and marketing channels
Customer-led marketing campaigns executed across all marketing channels
Email marketing campaigns
In-app messaging campaigns
Digital ads campaigns
Text messaging campaigns
Mobile push notifications campaigns

Optimove – Pricing

Available upon request – Free demo.

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