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OtioAi: Research productivity with AI-powered workspace


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OtioAi is a revolutionary business tool designed to streamline the research process for managers, researchers, students, and analysts. This AI-native workspace is custom-built for research, allowing users to easily summarize and chat with their documents. Trusted by thousands of individuals from top-tier institutions, OtioAi offers a range of features to enhance research workflows.

Users can leverage OtioAi to summarize a variety of content including documents, videos, and podcasts, as well as outline reports and compare multiple documents. The tool’s AI-powered text editor enables users to write, edit, and paraphrase with ease, while also generating first drafts based on provided sources to beat writer’s block.

The simple three-step process of OtioAi involves collecting any type of content, having it automatically summarized, and then chatting with the readings to extract key insights quickly. This all-in-one workspace eliminates the need to juggle multiple tabs and note-taking apps, providing an efficient solution for end-to-end research. Powered by the latest models like GPT-4 and Claude, OtioAi ensures that users receive accurate and grounded insights based on the sources provided.

Whether you need to condense a reading list, get detailed smart notes, or improve your writing, OtioAi offers a comprehensive solution for all research needs. Say goodbye to time-consuming research processes and hello to streamlined efficiency with OtioAi.

OtioAi – Features

Summarise documents, videos, and podcasts
Outline reports and essays
Compare and contrast multiple documents
Write, edit, and paraphrase with AI
Generate first drafts of writing projects
Chat with documents to extract key insights
TLDR your reading list with detailed smart notes
Powered by latest AI models like GPT-4 and Claude

OtioAi – Pricing

Available upon request, free trial.

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