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Pearpop: Creator marketing platform


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PearPop is a creator marketing tool trusted by some of the world’s best brands, offering unrivaled performance and an award-winning platform for businesses looking to collaborate with creators. With access to over 50 million creators worldwide and a total aggregated community reach of 14.4+ billion, PearPop partners with all major social platforms to help businesses get people talking with memorable, measurable campaigns.

One of the key features of PearPop is its Creator Discovery powered by AI, which harnesses a comprehensive creator data set to match brands and creators at scale. The platform also offers full-stack technology and a full-service team to support businesses in their creator marketing campaigns. From end-to-end creator marketing campaigns to creator roster management and optimization, PearPop offers a range of services to drive authentic, ongoing creator collaboration and community engagement.

In addition, PearPop provides industry-leading creator affiliate vetting and activation software powered by AI, as well as full-service paid media amplification to take the organic power of creator content to the next level. The platform is also a leader in full-funnel creator performance measurement, from impressions to engagement to direct sales attribution.

With an award-winning creator platform, PearPop has been recognized as the best influencer marketing platform by Digiday and Fast Company. It offers a Brand Portal for easy creator and content review, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to leverage the power of creators in their marketing strategies. Whether businesses are looking for self-service options or full-service management, PearPop has offerings for creators at every career stage. By joining PearPop, businesses can connect with the world’s best talent managers and unlock their future as creators, earning a living doing what they love.

PearPop – Features

Creator Discovery Powered by AI
Full-Service Campaigns
Creator Rosters Management
Affiliate Vetting & Activation Software
Paid Media Amplification
Performance & Measurement Tracking
Award-Winning Creator Platform
Different Offerings for Self-Service and Full-Service options

PearPop – Pricing

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