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PitchMe: Revolutionize your hiring process and find the perfect fit


PitchMe is a business tool that aims to revolutionize the hiring process by using artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline recruitment and maximize placements. With PitchMe, companies can hire faster and smarter by broadening their talent pool, automating profile updates, and reducing time to hire by 80%.

One of the key features of PitchMe is its seamless applicant tracking system (ATS) integration. Instead of using a system that doesn’t track progress, businesses can enhance their ATS with over 30 data sources, ensuring that candidate profiles are always up to date. This integration saves recruiters time by eliminating manual tasks and freeing up more time for effective recruitment efforts.

PitchMe also offers tools to enrich candidate data. By automatically accessing data from across the web, businesses can find the most up-to-date candidate details. This feature is especially useful for sourcing candidates with specific skills, as recruiters can simply input their requirements, and PitchMe will provide the best-fit candidates from around the world.

In addition, PitchMe’s smart technology includes a job description generator. This feature eliminates the need for recruiters to spend time writing job descriptions by generating engaging and accurate descriptions automatically. This not only saves time but also improves matching by ensuring that job descriptions accurately reflect the requirements of the position.

PitchMe – Features

AI-powered talent pool expansion
Automated candidate profile updates
Integration with ATS for seamless tracking
Elimination of repetitive manual tasks
Enriching candidate data from multiple sources
Efficient candidate sourcing from global pool
Smart job description generator
Reduction in time to hire by 80%

PitchMe – Pricing

Available upon request – free demo.

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