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Quickchat: Custom AI assistants for customer support and sales


Quickchat is a powerful business tool that allows you to design, tweak, and deploy your own AI Assistant to automate various aspects of your business, such as customer support and lead generation. With multilingual capabilities, you can personalize your AI Assistant by naming it, choosing its profession, and adding guidelines to tailor its conversation style to fit your brand voice.

For customer support, Quickchat’s AI Assistant can relieve your team by handling conversations in over 100 languages, automatically handing over to human support when necessary, and providing custom translations to maintain brand consistency. You can easily import knowledge from various sources to build your AI Knowledge Base and seamlessly integrate it into your website or apps.

In terms of sales and e-commerce, Quickchat’s AI Assistant can help move visitors down the sales funnel by offering personalized product recommendations, collecting lead contact details, and providing a Conversation Analytics Dashboard to track performance and conduct analyses.

If you require a more customized solution, Quickchat offers the option to collaborate with their consultants to build a unique AI Assistant tailored specifically to your business needs. This includes custom AI actions, personality, profession, and integrations with your existing tools and systems.

Overall, Quickchat provides a user-friendly platform with robust features to enhance customer interactions, automate processes, and drive business growth. By bringing AI to your everyday tools and interfaces, Quickchat allows you to streamline operations and improve efficiency in various areas of your business.

Quickchat – Features

AI Assistant customization and control
Knowledge Base setup in minutes
Multilingual support for 100+ languages
Auto-language detection and custom translations
Human Handoff feature for passing questions to human agents
Agents’ working hours specification
AI summary for seamless handoff
Insight reports for improving Knowledge Base

Quickchat – Pricing

Quickchat offers pricing plans starting from $29 per month for the Basic plan, $82 per month for the Essential plan, $315 per month for the Professional plan, $565 per month for the Business plan, and custom pricing for the Premium plan. All plans include unlimited messages and features for different business needs.

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