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RapidMiner: One platform for all your data science needs


RapidMiner is a comprehensive business tool designed to maximize the value of data for organizations. With a wide range of features, it is the go-to platform for all data science needs, regardless of team structure or data science experience level.

One of the key features of RapidMiner is its Visual Workflow Designer, which allows users to create visual workflows as the central hub for all data processes. This bridges the gap between automated data science and coding notebooks, making it easier for both non-coding domain experts and seasoned data scientists to work together efficiently.

Automated Data Science is another popular feature that enhances productivity by making data science projects accessible to everyone on the team. Data scientists can also create custom solutions in a fully integrated notebook environment and reuse them within drag-and-drop workflows, thanks to the Code-Based Data Science functionality.

RapidMiner supports the entire team across the full analytics lifecycle, with capabilities such as Data Engineering, Model Building, Model Ops, AI App Building, Collaboration & Governance, and Trust & Transparency. These features help streamline data processing, model creation, deployment, evaluation, and collaboration within the organization.

With RapidMiner, organizations can make their data ‘grunt work’ less painful, streamline model creation, simplify operations, put models and insights into the hands of decision-makers, and ensure trust and transparency in their data science work. By using RapidMiner, businesses can build trust in their predictions, deploy models efficiently, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

RapidMiner – Features

Visual Workflow Designer
Automated Data Science
Code-Based Data Science
Data Engineering
Model Building
Model Ops
AI App Building
Collaboration & Governance

RapidMiner – Pricing

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