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Riza: Safely execute JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP in sandbox


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Riza’s Code Interpreter API Developer Preview is a cutting-edge tool that allows business managers to safely run untrusted code from their applications. With the ability to execute JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, or PHP in a sandboxed environment, this API provides a secure way to handle code generated by LLMs, power data transformations, and extend products for enterprise customers.

The process is simple – write code in any supported language, POST it to the /v1/execute API endpoint with command line args, stdin, and env vars, and Riza will safely run the code and return the output, including the exit code, stdout, and stderr.

Security is a top priority with the Code Interpreter API, as code is executed inside a WebAssembly sandbox, ensuring that it only has access to the data provided, such as command-line arguments, environment variables, and stdin. With limitations during the developer preview like no filesystem access, network access, or external packages, the API will be free to use during this phase, with plans to charge based on usage once it reaches general availability.

Looking to the future, Riza’s roadmap includes exciting features such as allowing interpreter customization via third-party packages, outbound network requests, filesystem access, and support for additional languages like Go, Java, and Rust. For those interested in self-hosting the Code Interpreter API, this option is available on a case-by-case basis.

Overall, the Code Interpreter API Developer Preview from Riza is a valuable resource for business managers looking to safely execute untrusted code in a controlled environment.

Riza – Features

Safely run untrusted code from your app
Execute JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby or PHP in a sandboxed environment
Write code in any supported language and post it to the API endpoint
Receive output including exit code, stdout, and stderr
Used for running code generated by LLMs, data transformations, and product extensions
Secure execution inside a WebAssembly sandbox
Temporarily limited access to data provided, with no filesystem or network access
Free during developer preview, with future usage-based pricing plans

Riza – Pricing

Riza offers a free demo of their business tool.

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