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Simplified: Unleash your creativity with Ai


Simplified is a game-changing business tool that leverages the power of AI to help entrepreneurs and business managers in creating, editing, collaborating, and sharing content seamlessly. With Simplified, users can access a variety of features such as AI Writer, AI Design, AI Video, Social Media AI, and more, all in one application.

The AI Writer feature helps users overcome writer’s block by providing instant suggestions and feedback to refine writing. AI Design allows users to create presentations, ads, thumbnails, and other graphics with ease. AI Video helps in creating viral videos and clips instantly, while Social Media AI assists in planning, scheduling, tracking, and responding on all social media channels effortlessly.

Simplified also offers integrations that save time, making collaboration easy and efficient. Users can create their brand identity once, and let AI seamlessly incorporate it into every creative endeavor. The tool’s library includes over 100k design, video, and copywriting templates and assets, ensuring users never have to start on a blank page again.

Overall, Simplified serves as a creative companion that saves time, increases productivity, and ensures everyone collaborates seamlessly. From AI Quick Tool to AI Chatbot and Link In Bio features, Simplified is equipped with everything a business needs to streamline workflow, boost sales, and enhance customer support. Try Simplified today and experience a whole new level of efficiency in your business endeavors.

Simplified – Features

AI Writer to overcome writer’s block
AI Design for creating presentations, ads, thumbnails, etc.
AI Video for creating viral videos instantly
Social Media AI for planning, scheduling, tracking, and responding on social channels
One app for writing, designing, editing, transcribing, and sharing
Integration for collaboration and feedback
Library with 100k+ design, video, and copywriting templates
AI Chatbot to enhance marketing and customer support

Simplified – Pricing

Pricing Plans: Pro – $10/month (35% off) for 100 AI Generations, 1 Seat. Business – $19/month (35% off) for 250 AI Generations, 5 Seats. Agency – Custom Enterprise plans. Monthly billing with no contracts, switch anytime. Yearly billing saves 35%.

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