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Snyk: Seamless security integration for developers


Snyk is a developer security platform that offers a comprehensive solution to secure applications and cloud environments throughout the entire development lifecycle. From identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in code to securing container images and cloud infrastructure, Snyk simplifies the process by seamlessly integrating into existing IDEs, repositories, and workflows.

With features like Snyk Code, Snyk Open Source, Snyk Container, Snyk IaC, and Snyk AppRisk, developers can address security issues quickly and efficiently. The platform utilizes industry-leading security intelligence, including advanced AI and ML methods, to provide accurate and timely insights, enabling users to prioritize and remediate risks effectively.

Snyk’s risk-based approach allows businesses to reduce application risk at scale, with tailored security controls and prioritization based on the severity of vulnerabilities. Developers benefit from a user-friendly platform that saves time and boosts productivity, with over 85% of users recommending Snyk for its ease of use.

Through easy integration into existing tools and workflows, Snyk ensures governance at scale without impeding development processes. Whether using the CLI, IDE, Git, container registries, or the Snyk web UI, businesses can standardize security practices and enforce best practices seamlessly.

Overall, Snyk is a versatile and efficient tool that helps businesses secure their applications and infrastructure while reducing risks and enhancing productivity.

Snyk – Features

Find and fix vulnerabilities in 5 minutes
Integrate easily into existing IDEs, repos, and workflows
Scan continuously for vulnerabilities
Provide actionable fix advice with auto PRs
Secure code, open source dependencies, container images, and cloud infrastructure
Reduce risk across the business with Snyk AppRisk
Unmatched accuracy with hybrid AI
Easy integration throughout the software development lifecycle with flexibility and visibility.

Snyk – Pricing

Snyk offers different pricing plans for developers and security teams, with a Free plan for individual developers, a Team plan starting at $25 per month per product for development teams, and an Enterprise plan with centralized policy governance. Contact sales for Enterprise plan pricing.

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