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Stacker: Turn your data into powerful business apps instantly


Stacker is a powerful business tool that allows you to transform your team’s data into high-impact business applications with ease. Whether you need to build customer portals, CRMs, internal tools, or other custom applications, Stacker streamlines the process, allowing you to create fully functioning apps in minutes, no coding required.

With Stacker, you can quickly deploy custom tools that amplify your team’s work by connecting your business data to create apps with login capabilities, tables, forms, and buttons ready to go. The platform offers a user-friendly designer and flexible widgets for customization before sharing the app with your team.

Gone are the days of jumping around tools and spreadsheets to access data. Stacker centralizes and links all of your team’s data, from Airtable to Salesforce, into one place, making it easier to collaborate and manipulate information efficiently.

In addition to centralizing data, Stacker also helps automate processes with custom workflows, allowing you to edit records, trigger emails, run formulas, and more from one centralized hub. The integration with Zapier further enhances automation possibilities across your entire stack.

Security is a top priority with Stacker, as apps come pre-loaded with robust security features that are easy to modify. You can select who can interact with your data, create unique user roles with custom permissions, and send secure login links to ensure sensitive data remains safe and secure.

From empowering teammates to engaging customers, Stacker provides everything you need to power your work, including customer portals, workflow tools, custom CRMs, and partner dashboards. With Stacker, you can create tailored business applications that improve efficiency and productivity without the hassle of traditional development timelines.

Stacker – Features

Turn team’s data into business apps
Create custom tools with no coding
Fully functioning app in a few clicks
Centralize all team’s data
Centralize & automate processes
Secure data sharing
Custom workflows with Zapier integration
Customer portals, workflow tools, CRMs, partner dashboards

Stacker – Pricing

Starter plan at $59/month for small teams. Plus plan at $149/month for small businesses. Pro plan at $290/month for growing businesses. Enterprise plan with custom billing for large companies. All plans have a 30-day free trial.

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