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Startmate unveils Summer 2024 Cohort with strong female founder presence


Startmate has curated an impressive lineup of 10 startups for its Summer 2024 Accelerator program. 

These pioneers tackle challenges across various industries, from agricultural advancements with synthetic fertilisers to user-friendly online diagramming tools for scientists.

This year’s cohort notably boasts a strong presence of female founders, with six out of ten startups led by women. Startmate invests $120,000 in each startup, with a valuation based on their current funding stage. First-time founders receive a valuation of $1.5 million post-money, while those previously funded benefit from matching their latest valuation. This investment is further amplified by mentor contributions ranging from $10,000 to a staggering $500,000 per mentor, showcasing their dedication to the program’s success.

The intensive 12-week program provides a well-rounded curriculum, combining group sessions with personalized mentorship. Founders establish both short-term goals and long-term strategies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to their startup’s journey.

At least one co-founder must be fully committed to the startup to be eligible. Following program completion, startups rank their most valuable mentors, fostering a culture of accountability and recognition within the Startmate community.

Building on the success of the Summer 2023 cohort, which addressed pressing issues in health, agriculture, and energy,the 2024 group promises even more innovation:


( Founded by Andrew Pedley, James Lyons and Scott Keenan)

Transforms rocks into eco-friendly fertilizer, boosting farmer profits significantly.


(Founded by Angela Mariani and Mani Batra)

Streamlines clinical documentation for healthcare professionals, saving them valuable time.

Graphics et al.

 (Founded by Chris Pymble)

Empowers healthcare with clear visual aids, potentially reducing preventable hospitalizations.


(Founded by Jevon Le Roux, Tahir Rauf and Tracy Godtschalk)

Predicts and prevents e-commerce order issues, minimizing customer complaints. 

Kite Therapy

(Founded by Rachelle Dunstan, Matthew Morrison and Gregor Whyte)

Makes early intervention autism therapy accessible and affordable. 


(Founded by Ben Scales and William Murrell)

Develops eco-friendly fiber composites for various industries. 


(Founded by Lisa Lie)

Revolutionizes workplace learning with a microlearning app. 

NOA The Brand

(Founded by Arvin Bayat and Christel Hadiwibawa)

Pioneering next-generation wireless charging technology for IoT devices with exceptional efficiency. 


(Founded by Tim Vale and Tom George)

Real-time data monitoring significantly reduces infrastructure failures. 


(Founded by Kieran Gardiner and James McArthur)

Simplifies hospitality reward programs to enhance customer loyalty. 

Open applications

Winter24 Accelerator – apply by 26th May

Winter24 Student fellowship – apply by 27th May

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