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Substack: Empowering writers and creators to own their work


Substack is a subscription network designed for independent writers and creators who are looking to build a direct and sustainable relationship with their audience. With a focus on empowering creators, Substack offers a platform where writers own their intellectual property, mailing list, and subscriber payments, providing full editorial control without any gatekeepers.

One of the key features of Substack is its ability to help writers grow their audience. With more than 40% of new free subscriptions and around 20% of paid subscriptions coming from within the Substack network, creators can expand their reach and find new readers who are interested in their work.

Substack also simplifies the publishing process by combining a blog, newsletter, payment system, and customer support team into one platform with a user-friendly interface. This allows writers to focus on their best work while Substack handles the administrative tasks, billing, and technical aspects of running a subscription-based business.

In addition to written content, Substack offers support for podcasts and videos, making it easy for creators to share their work in multiple formats and connect with their audience in various ways. The platform also fosters a sense of community by enabling comments and community threads that allow direct interaction between writers and subscribers.

Substack is free to get started, with a 10% cut of revenues taken only if creators choose to turn on paid subscriptions. This transparent pricing model ensures that Substack only makes money when writers do, with no hidden fees or barriers to entry. Furthermore, creators always retain ownership of their content and relationships with subscribers, making it easy to import and export their work and audience data from other platforms.

Overall, Substack provides a world-class reading and listening experience for both creators and subscribers, offering a seamless platform where writers can share their work, engage with their audience, and build a sustainable income stream.

Substack – Features

Own and control your intellectual property, mailing list, and subscriber payments
Marketing support to help grow your audience
Integrated blog, newsletter, payment system, and customer support
Publish to web, email, and app simultaneously
Start a subscription podcast with ease
Upload or record videos directly into posts
Community engagement through comments and threads
Free to get started with only a 10% cut of revenues for operating costs

Substack – Pricing

Substack offers pricing plans that are available upon request, with a free trial also available.

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