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TalkbackAi: Automate customer feedback responses with Ai


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TalkbackAi is a powerful business tool designed to streamline the process of responding to customer reviews. This innovative Chrome Browser Extension uses intelligent AI technology to automate the creation of responses, saving valuable time and ensuring consistent communication with customers.

With TalkbackAi, businesses can easily set up their brand voice, define their tone and style, and provide custom instructions for handling specific cases. By using real-life examples of how they want to respond to reviews, businesses can ensure that their messaging is on point and aligns with their brand identity.

One of the key features of TalkbackAi is its ability to generate responses automatically or create multiple unique replies tailored to the business’s style and voice. Users can simply choose a review, click a button, and the tool will pop up with suggested responses, making it easy to engage with customers and demonstrate professionalism.

Additionally, TalkbackAi allows businesses to write articles with ease and use the generated responses in any system. Whether customizing responses further or copying and pasting them into different platforms, TalkbackAi offers flexibility and convenience for managing customer feedback across various channels.

Overall, TalkbackAi is a valuable tool for business managers looking to improve their customer feedback process, grow their audience, and enhance their online reputation. By leveraging AI technology to streamline response generation and providing tools for customization, TalkbackAi empowers businesses to engage with customers effectively and efficiently.

TalkbackAi – Features

Chrome Browser Extension for easy access
Create AI responses to reviews
Define brand voice and tone
Generate customized responses automatically
Easily choose and respond to reviews
Seamless integration with different systems
Streamline customer feedback process
Save time and effort in responding to reviews

TalkbackAi – Pricing

TalkbackAi offers three pricing plans: Basic (free), Medium ($5/month), and Large ($15/month). The Basic plan includes 10 responses per month, the Medium plan includes 50 responses per month, and the Large plan includes 250 responses per month. Each plan offers increasing savings on time.

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