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 Tech Tuesday: Our selected AI-powered analytics champions 

In today’s world, where businesses and institutions are all about gaining that edge through data-driven decisions, predictive analytics tools are stealing the spotlight.

Think of them as the go-to experts, turning data into not just smart but seriously valuable stuff. They dive into the data, finding insights and predicting the future almost like magic. Whether sorting out complex patterns or seeing what’s coming, these tools are key players in our data game, highlighting how important analytics is in getting meaningful information from AI.

So, for this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’re diving into our favourite AI-powered analytics tools: is a revolutionary AI-powered content creation tool that transforms how businesses approach content strategy.

This innovative platform streamlines the content creation using advanced AI personas, enabling users to convert simple ideas or voice-to-text notes into polished, ready-to-publish content. Its user-centric design and intuitive interface make it accessible for all business sizes, particularly benefiting small and medium enterprises. is set to disrupt the content creation and digital marketing industry, making AI-assisted communication more efficient and accessible. It significantly reduces the time and resources needed for content generation, allowing businesses to focus more on strategic growth.

Twilio CustomerAI

Twilio’s CustomerAI technology helps businesses combine real-time consumer engagement data with AI to create more personalised experiences.

CustomerAI couples the power of large language models (LLMs) with real-time customer data flowing through Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform, and Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), helping businesses better understand and unlock the potential of their customers while providing deeper value using predictive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

By infusing CustomerAI into customer touchpoints across marketing, sales, and service, brands can streamline ideation and execution to create smarter marketing campaigns, deliver outstanding and personalised customer experiences with more engaging content, and streamline authentication while growing safely and securely. AI enables high-quality, bespoke customer experiences at a lower cost, whilst being more effective.

 ipSCAPE Advocate

‘ipSCAPE Advocate’ stands as a customer experience-led analytics tool that leverages AI to transcribe and summarise customer feedback at scale, providing invaluable insights for business leaders.  

ipSCAPE Advocate extends the customer experience journey by automatically deploying a Voice of Customer (VOC) post-call survey, which prompts a customer to provide a rating and leave additional feedback. The voice of your customer is transcribed, summarised and securely stored alongside the associated call metadata within ipSCAPE Vault, a long-term cloud-based call recording storage solution

This AI-powered analytics tool enables managers to unearth critical customer feedback to highlight at risk customers, providing an opportunity to take proactive action. Users are also able to search and filter on specific variables such as keywords or phrases.  

For businesses that are exploring how to adopt AI to improve operational efficiencies ipSCAPE Advocate is a transformational AI analytics solution that can assist CX leaders to make customer experience improvements at an accelerated pace. 


Freddy, Freshworks’ AI assistant leverages Freshworks’ domain expertise in sales, marketing, customer support and IT to deliver artificial intelligence that makes generative AI more accessible to employees making their everyday work easier. 

Embedded within Freshworks solutions and platform, Freddy AI capabilities, Freddy Copilot, Freddy Self service or Freddy Insights, which supports each different areas of the business can help to deliver personalised experiences, boost productivity, and foster rapid innovation.  By leveraging Freddy AI, businesses can offloads employees of repetitive tasks, and maximise team productivity through automation and analyse marketing and sales effectiveness and recommend optimisations that can improve performance and increase revenue. 


Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud (CIC) is a suite of analytics solutions that unlocks the power of construction data with predictive intelligence so teams can make informed, proactive decisions and drive continuous improvement across the areas of project Safety, Schedule, and Workflow risk.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a versatile business intelligence tool that is particularly suitable for SMEs. It enables SMEs to connect to various data sources, transform data, and create dynamic visualizations. Power BI’s predictive analytics features allow SMEs to build forecasting models, identify correlations, and make predictions based on historical data.

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