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Tech Tuesday: Top 5 subscription billing platforms


Businesses are increasingly turning to subscription billing platforms to streamline their billing processes, optimise revenue management, and enhance customer experiences. 

These platforms offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries, from startups to enterprises.  Let’s delve deeper into the key features and benefits of each platform to understand how they empower businesses to thrive in the subscription economy.

NetSuite SuiteBilling

NetSuite SuiteBilling automates recurring subscription management and billing. This comprehensive cloud-based solution can synchronise complex processes from order billing to revenue recognition, all within one system.

Launched in ANZ in November 2023, SuiteBilling provides real-time visibility into billing and financial activity, automates the billing process to improve cash flow, and helps create enduring customer relationships by building trust and reducing subscriber churn. SuiteBilling manages the entire lifecycle of billing and subscriptions – from modifying subscriptions and prorate billing, to consolidating multiple charges on a single invoice, to auto-generating renewal invoices to improve retention.

SuiteBilling is built for businesses of all sizes, from pre-revenue startups to fast-growing midsize enterprises. It offers consolidated invoicing, flexible pricing, and automated rating processes, while also seamlessly integrating with other NetSuite products like Advanced Revenue Management and Core Financials.


BillingPlatform is a robust, multi-tenant, easily configurable, cloud-based solution that enables businesses to automate their revenue lifecycle processes. The complete platform provides all the functionality companies need to automate and better manage the entire quote-to-cash process, helping them grow revenue and decrease operating costs.   The BillingPlatform solution includes:

– Billing, so companies can more easily handle the most complex monetisation models, including usage- and consumption-based billing, even at high volumes

– CPQ, to customise customer quotes and manage a variety of configuration and pricing options, enabling sales teams to more easily close deals

– Revenue Recognition, shortening the time to close books, as well as ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance

– Collections, to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and improve cash flow through automated debt management

– Customer Self-Service Portal allows customers to manage their account and payments online, enhancing the customer experience


Recognized for its adaptability and scalability, Chargebee stands out as a leading subscription billing platform trusted by businesses across various industries. Offering a comprehensive suite of features, Chargebee enables businesses of all sizes to manage their subscription billing efficiently. From flexible pricing models to automated invoicing and revenue recognition, Chargebee provides the tools businesses need to streamline their subscription billing processes and scale with ease. With integrations with popular payment gateways and third-party applications, Chargebee empowers businesses to customize their subscription billing workflows to meet their specific requirements.


Renowned for its intuitive interface and robust functionality, Recurly is a preferred choice for businesses seeking a user-friendly subscription billing solution. Designed to simplify subscription management, Recurly offers features such as automated dunning management, subscription analytics, and customizable billing cycles. With Recurly, businesses can optimize their subscription billing operations, reduce churn, and drive revenue growth.

Whether managing subscriptions for SaaS products, digital media, or e-commerce services, Recurly provides the flexibility and scalability businesses need to succeed in the subscription economy.

Stripe Billing

Built on Stripe’s powerful payment infrastructure, Stripe Billing is a comprehensive subscription billing platform trusted by businesses worldwide. Offering seamless integration with Stripe’s payment processing capabilities, Stripe Billing enables businesses to manage subscriptions, invoices, and revenue effortlessly.

With features such as metered billing, proration, and subscription upgrades/downgrades, Stripe Billing empowers businesses to create flexible billing models tailored to their customers’ needs. Additionally, Stripe Billing provides advanced reporting and analytics tools, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights into their subscription revenue and customer behavior.

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