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Tech Tuesday: Top collaboration tools for remote teams


The remote work revolution is upon us. Studies touting increased productivity and employee engagement are fueling a surge in remote work arrangements.

This shift isn’t just about empowering employees; it brings significant cost savings for companies too. For designers and developers, remote work is becoming the norm, according to the InVision Blog. This trend highlights the need for fostering a collaborative spirit despite physical distance. Companies must go beyond seeking experienced and self-motivated professionals.

Today’s remote teams require tech-savvy individuals who understand the importance of collaboration in a virtual environment. By building teams with both technical expertise and a collaborative spirit, companies can not only survive but flourish in the ever-changing world of remote work.

In today’s edition of tech Tuesday, we look at our selection of collaboration tools fuel productivity in a scattered workforce.

monday work management 

Built on top of Work OS, monday work management enables organisations, managers, and executives to reach shared goals faster and collaboratively at scale. From setting goals to navigating projects and everyday work, monday work management optimises workflows and empowers teams across different work environments including remote and hybrid structures to seamlessly collaborate in one central place.

Using powerful features like automation and dashboards, teams and departments based in multiple locations and time zones can easily adjust and customise any workflow for any business need. Dashboards and real-time data-based insights allow teams to make informed business decisions, quickly adapt to change and strategically prioritise workload. With increased visibility and establishing one source of truth, teams can effectively communicate and boost collaboration to drive business impact.

The Neat Frame

The Neat Frame is an all-in-one video conferencing device designed to improve the video and audio experience during online meetings and calls. It’s particularly well-suited for individuals or small meeting spaces. As an AI-powered 15.6-inch portable touchscreen, with auto-framing, the technology connects people all around the world, including patients and doctors in the healthcare sector.

The Frame ensures everyone is seen and heard without distortion, enabling conversations to flow naturally, and reducing the risk of miscommunication – especially essential in these healthcare situations.


ipSCAPE UC enables employees to easily communicate and collaborate, regardless of their work location. Peers and colleagues can collaborate through video conferencing, audio calling or instant messaging, within a single interface. This tool boosts internal operational efficiency and promotes seamless collaboration for remote teams. 

With extensive collaboration functionality ready at every employee’s fingertips, users can engage with their colleagues through a call, sending an audio clip, sharing a virtual post-it note, creating a group chat or participating in a poll while on a video call.  


Slack is dedicated to making people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. With Slack canvas, you and your team now have a tool to help organise, curate and share information collaboratively, which draws on features already available within Slack – including the intuitive format of content and mentioning teammates directly.  Canvases empower teams to pull data and content together in a smart, collaborative way. That means teams spend less time searching for information, and more time having an impact.

With the arrival of Slack AI in Australia, searching across your business knowledge and info that lives within Slack, it’s even easier to find what you need to complete tasks. Whether used in an existing channel or kept private in a DM, Slack canvases are quick to create and use. This documentation empowers users to co-edit with stakeholders in comments and threads, all without leaving Slack, as well as embedding canvases with files, images, videos and emojis.


Smartsheet, the enterprise work management platform serves as a nerve centre within an organisation, enabling teams to collaborate and communicate regardless of location or schedule. In one central platform, organisations can plan, track, and update work in real-time. Smartsheet even allows teams to automate workflows, letting organisations prioritise more strategic work.

For managers who are leading remote teams, new features like Workload Heatmap and Workload Schedule provide a clear and immediate view into the availability of team members, shifting task assignment from guesswork to a data-driven strategy and providing a comprehensive full-screen view of all team tasks and timelines. These tools simplify management whether teams are fully remote or working within a hybrid model, and are currently available to customers in our Early Adopters Program


CoordinateHQ is a SaaS collaboration and project management platform helping client-servicing organizations run projects efficiently. The software delivers streamlined project management and collaboration, enabling businesses with a remote or hybrid workforce to do more with less.

Professional services companies often rely on a patchwork of static tools and complicated project management software. CoordinateHQ removes these barriers and inefficiencies, making it easy for remote teams and clients to work together. Employees expect intuitive interfaces that are easy to use with little-to-no onboarding efforts and the ability to customize functionality. All of this is part of the CoordinateHQ collaboration platform, which eliminates the friction of communicating with a mix of email, spreadsheets, and messaging platforms while trying to ensure teamsexecute and deliver.

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