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Three trends to inspire your e-commerce business this holiday

The rapid growth of online shopping has seen the retail industry undertake a series of transformations, and this year overall pre-holiday spending forecasted to be $66.8 billion, on par with last year trading boom.

As we are heading to the most important period of the year for businesses, engaging consumers in the right way is more important than ever.  

With ongoing inflation and financial instability, consumers are expected to exercise caution in spending and mindful of their budgets. Understanding the challenges and opportunities this presents to Australian business is key to be in pole position ahead of this festive season. 

That said, the holiday shopping will continue to be an annual tradition for Australian families, and there is plenty of fertile ground for e-tailers to experiment with new approaches that can help grab their customers’ attention. Here are three key trends that businesses may consider leveraging in order to sharpen their e-commerce offerings:

Make Holiday Shopping Entertaining with Virtual Experiences

Shopping is no longer just about transactions; it’s an experience and holiday shopping can be a stressful task. In the digital realm, the lines between shopping and entertainment are continually blurring. Australia is the eleventh largest e-commerce market in the world with AU$46 billion in revenue in 2021. The Australian e-commerce market grew by 15% in 2021, contributing to the 15% global growth rate. . This is only expected to surge in the coming years, with 8.9% year-on-year growth in 2022. As Australian households seek out online shopping options, the concept of “shopatainment” has emerged, capturing the attention of younger consumers, especially Gen Z, the digital natives. Incorporating elements such as gaming, virtual experiences, and events with influencers into your online store can make shopping a more engaging and enjoyable activity for your customers when they’re purchasing their holiday gifts. 

Sell via Live Stream – Embrace Conversational Commerce

Live streaming shopping, known as conversational commerce, has gained significant traction and is a powerful way for online businesses to connect directly with their audience. Although this trend is not limited to a specific demographic, Millennials, in particular, have embraced live video shopping, turning it into a thriving industry in Australia. Whether featuring celebrities, influencers, or everyday users of products, live streams offer a unique opportunity to build a community and drive sales.

Jump on the Social Commerce Bandwagon

Your online business should extend beyond your website. Customers today expect to shop and engage with brands on various social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The rise of social commerce is undeniable, with the market expected to grow to $604.5 billion by 2027. It’s not just about social campaigns; it’s about discovery-led shopping that influences consumers to make transactions directly through these channels. Utilise features like tagging social posts to create shoppable content or leverage temporary features like stories on platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram to enable seamless transactions with a few taps.

The digital transformation of retail is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity to meet consumer demand this festive season. Removing international borders from the equation and leveraging e-commerce platforms enables small businesses to access new markets. To succeed in this new era, you need flexible shipping, courier, and express delivery services. 

The retail landscape will continue to undergo major shifts, even once the holiday season has concluded, and small businesses have the opportunity to thrive by embracing these trends. Make shopping entertaining, connect with your audience through live streams, and tap into the power of social commerce. With the right strategies you can position your small business at the forefront of the holiday season.

Transport and logistics providers are here to support

With e-commerce set to take a growing proportion of total consumer spend it is imperative to partner up with a trust-worthy and reliable transport and logistics provider who can support your business with a broad portfolio of shipping solutions to match your specific shipping needs.  FedEx e-commerce offerings and a wide range of digital tools help provide simple, streamlined solutions to make order fulfilment easier, and enable SMEs to ride this wave of growth and remain competitive. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is of general nature only. It is not intended to address circumstances of any specific entity or individual.

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