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TimeHero: The ultimate AI-powered productivity tool for efficient work


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TimeHero is an AI-powered productivity tool that provides a smart and efficient way to plan and manage work. It combines task management, project management, calendar events, and automation into one platform.

Unlike other task apps that are solely focused on due dates, TimeHero goes beyond by automatically planning daily tasks, projects, and recurring work based on availability. This means that users no longer have to figure out on their own how and when to complete tasks. Additionally, if there are any changes or updates, TimeHero instantly adjusts the plans accordingly.

With TimeHero’s smart project management feature, users can easily track and manage their projects. The tool automatically schedules tasks, tracks time, and adapts workflows to ensure that projects are completed efficiently and on time. It provides real-time visibility into project progress, identifies risky tasks, and alerts users when projects are falling behind. Users can make adjustments and reallocate tasks without the need for check-ins or update meetings.

TimeHero also offers convenient ways to capture work. It supports integrations, templates, recurring tasks, and natural language text entry, making it easy to input tasks quickly and accurately. The tool adapts to changes and unexpected events, so users don’t have to constantly adjust their schedules when new meetings or tasks are added last minute.

One of the key advantages of TimeHero is that it helps users conquer busyness and sleep better knowing that the tool is working on a plan to get everything done. It allows users to see if a task is at risk of not being completed on time and provides the tools to address the issue proactively.

Furthermore, TimeHero integrates with popular apps such as Google and Microsoft, as well as over 1000 other applications through Zapier. This integration capability enables users to centralize and automate work across different tools, making it easier to manage and streamline their tasks and projects.

TimeHero – Features

Autonomous recurring tasks
Smart workflow templates
Built-in time tracking
Automatic risk detection
Project forecasting
Capacity & workload management
Real-time progress tracking
Efficient task scheduling

TimeHero – Pricing

TimeHero offers three pricing plans. The Basic plan costs $4.60 per user per month and includes simple task management. The Professional plan costs $10 per user per month and includes smart project management and integrations. The Premium plan costs $22 per user per month and includes project automation and reporting features.

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