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tl;dv: Transform your meetings with Ai insights


tldv is a powerful business tool designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings within organizations. With the ability to record, transcribe, summarize, and generate insights from meetings, tldv aims to provide valuable information that can be utilized by teams across the organization. The tool offers features such as video recording and transcripts in over 30 languages, high-quality video and audio processing, and industry-leading transcription accuracy.

One of the key highlights of tldv is its AI capabilities, which allow for the automatic creation of meeting notes tailored to the specific needs of users. These AI-generated notes can help in tracking progress, spotting trends, and discovering ideas from multiple meetings simultaneously. Additionally, tldv offers the option to uncover coachable moments in meetings, helping teams improve their performance and identify areas for growth.

Furthermore, tldv can be seamlessly integrated with existing workflows and over 5000 other tools, ensuring that notes, transcripts, recordings, and insights are synced automatically for enhanced productivity. The tool is particularly beneficial for sales teams, customer success managers, and product development teams, as it can help streamline processes, capture customer feedback, and prioritize innovation based on meeting insights.

Overall, tldv provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to make the most out of their meetings and drive better decision-making. With features like recording and transcription, AI notes and summaries, security measures, and integrations with various tools, tldv offers a centralized platform for capturing, analyzing, and sharing valuable information generated during meetings. By leveraging the capabilities of tldv, organizations can enhance communication, collaboration, and performance across teams, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and customer satisfaction.

tldv – Features

Meeting recordings, AI notes and insights across teams
Video recording and transcripts in over 30 languages
High-quality video & audio processing
AI that creates meeting notes based on discussion nuances
Gain AI wisdom from multiple meetings at once
Uncover coachable meeting moments with playbooks
Integrate with existing workflows and apps
Elevate sales skills with personalized coaching and performance scorecards

tldv – Pricing

Free plan offers unlimited recordings and transcripts for small teams and individuals. Pro plan, priced at $20 per recording user per month when billed annually, includes advanced features like automated AI meeting notes, unlimited integrations, and more. Enterprise plan offers additional admin features and custom options.

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