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Truewind: AI-powered finance solutions for small businesses


Truewind is a cutting-edge business tool that offers AI-powered bookkeeping and financial services for startups and small businesses. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, Truewind combines the power of AI technology with personalized support from their team of experts to deliver precise and transparent accounting solutions to their clients.

One of the key features of Truewind is its unmatched accuracy in maintaining books every month. By leveraging AI technology and a dedicated concierge team, Truewind ensures that their clients receive accurate financial reports consistently, allowing them to make informed and timely business decisions.

Truewind also prides itself on its ability to facilitate a faster monthly close process for their clients. While traditional bookkeeping processes can take weeks to complete, Truewind can close books in a matter of days, providing clients with up-to-date financial information to support their business operations.

In addition to their commitment to accuracy and efficiency, Truewind offers world-class support to their clients. Their team of certified public accountants (CPAs) is available to assist clients every step of the way, ensuring that their best interests are always a top priority.

With Truewind, entrepreneurs can have peace of mind knowing that their finances are in capable hands. Through a simple onboarding process, clients can take advantage of tailored finance solutions that allow them to focus on growing their businesses while Truewind handles the financial aspects.

Overall, Truewind is a valuable tool for startups and small businesses looking to streamline their bookkeeping and financial operations. With a perfect combination of AI technology, personalized support, and efficient processes, Truewind empowers entrepreneurs to make smart financial decisions and drive the growth of their businesses.

Truewind – Features

Bookkeeping with AI technology and human expertise
CFO Services for analyzing critical business drivers
Taxes taken care of end-to-end
Adaptation to current finance tech stack
Financial Statements including Balance Sheet and Income Statement
Financial Models for forecasting and analysis
Variance analysis for budget vs actuals
Financial Analysis for prompt answers to key questions.

Truewind – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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