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Trullion: Where AI meets accounting for maximum impact


Trullion is an innovative accounting oversight platform that utilizes AI technology to streamline revenue recognition, lease accounting, and audit processes. The platform is highly regarded by accounting teams and auditors for its ability to reduce risk, simplify tasks, and ensure accurate financial reporting every time.

Trullion stands out for its focus on maximizing impact while minimizing risk. By incorporating the latest data infrastructure and AI capabilities, the platform automates key accounting functions, eliminates errors, and enhances financial data management and reporting processes.

One of the key features of Trullion is its ability to streamline revenue recognition, allowing users to report revenue accurately, establish custom rules specific to their business, and ensure compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards. Additionally, the platform offers tools for conducting audits efficiently and accurately, catering to the needs of audit and advisory firms.

Trullion also simplifies lease accounting by leveraging AI to extract lease contracts, automate accounting workflows, and handle changes seamlessly. By making day-to-day accounting tasks faster, smoother, and more precise, Trullion empowers users to work confidently and efficiently every day.

The platform requires minimal configuration to get started and seamlessly integrates with existing financial and accounting systems. Users can instantly extract data from contracts and systems, access relevant information at a glance, receive automated alerts for attention-worthy items, and generate reports for finance leadership and auditors with ease.

Overall, Trullion is a comprehensive accounting tool that combines AI technology with user-friendly features to enhance accounting processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency in financial reporting and auditing tasks.

Trullion – Features

Proprietary models, third-party data, and future vision for accounting
Automatic verification against reporting and compliance requirements
Smarter reporting and analytics for best business outcomes
Automated, configurable reporting with unique financial data insights
Eliminate repetitive tasks and human error with automated data workflows
AI-enabled verification and anomaly detection for streamlined close
Efficient, error-free audits at scale
Intuitive audit workflow tool for collaboration with stakeholders and managing multiple clients on Trullion.

Trullion – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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