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Vectara: Your trusted entry point into generative Ai


Vectara is a cutting-edge business tool that offers a Trusted Generative AI platform designed to enhance various aspects of your business operations. This platform is powered by Retrieval Augmented Generation-as-a-Service (RAGaaS), which aims to address concerns such as hallucinations, copyright issues, bias, and cross-lingual communication barriers. Vectara’s new Boomerang LLM is a world-class retrieval system that puts GenAI into action, offering deep insights into RAG architectures through on-demand event replays and live demonstrations.

With Vectara, organizations can quickly create AI assistants that are grounded in data, documents, and knowledge specific to their business. The platform offers serverless RAG-as-a-Service, which solves critical challenges faced by enterprises, including reducing hallucination, providing explainability, enforcing access control, facilitating real-time updates, and mitigating intellectual property and bias concerns associated with large language models.

Vectara’s platform enables automatic text extraction, advanced encoding, data segmentation, candidate retrieval from millions of documents, result reranking, and natural language summarization. By leveraging Vertex’s RAG-as-a-Service, businesses can ensure that their AI-generated results are contextually accurate and free from hallucinations.

Moreover, Vectara offers simple APIs for builders and powerful customization options for developers, making it easy to embed generative AI capabilities into applications. Their LLM-powered hybrid search feature revolutionizes the way people search by delivering incredibly relevant results quickly and accurately. Whether you are in IT, marketing, customer experience, research, legal, or any other industry, Vectara’s platform can enhance your operations and add value to your business processes.

In conclusion, Vectara serves as a trusted entry point into the world of Generative AI, offering a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and endless possibilities for enhancing your business operations. With Vectara, you can skip traditional search methods and go straight to the answer, provide global site search capabilities, create conversational AI experiences, improve workplace search efficiency, extract more value from data assets, and reduce repetitive costs for legal teams. Discover how easy it is to get started with Vectara and unlock the true potential of your business with Generative AI technologies.

Vectara – Features

Retrieval Augmented Generation-as-a-Service
Deep Dive into RAG Architectures
Text Extraction from PDF and Office files
Encoding at scale with zero-shot models
Segmenting data into indexes for quick recall
Natural language summarization of results
Simple APIs for developers
LLM-powered hybrid search with conversational AI

Vectara – Pricing

Vectara offers two pricing plans:

Growth plan: Free up to 15,000 queries, 15,000 generative requests, 50MB account size. Starting at $0/month.
Scale plan: Includes all features in Growth, plus advanced controls, custom dimensions, premium support, and more.
Enterprise: Contact sales for pricing.

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