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Verloop: Effortless customer engagement and retention solutions


Verloop is an innovative business tool that offers cutting-edge conversational AI solutions to help businesses effortlessly engage, retain, and build loyal customers. With Verloop, businesses can ignite customer experience magic by making conversations come alive and driving actionable outcomes unlike any other AI solution.

One of the key features of Verloop is its use of Generative AI to deliver highly personalized and context-aware interactions that exceed customer expectations. This allows businesses to create conversational experiences that feel natural and engaging, helping to build strong relationships with customers.

Verloop caters to a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, banking and financial services, travel, real estate, logistics, insurance, food services, and edtech. For e-commerce businesses, Verloop offers conversational sales experiences that can help drive conversions and increase customer satisfaction. In the banking and financial services sector, Verloop provides secure transactions, notifications, and KYC validation to ensure smooth and efficient interactions with customers.

For businesses in the travel industry, Verloop enables the sharing of media-rich messages, notifications, and reminders to enhance the customer experience. Real estate companies can use Verloop to schedule site visits, share and verify documents, and provide personalized assistance to potential buyers. In the logistics industry, Verloop offers real-time updates and query troubleshooting to streamline operations and improve customer service.

Insurance companies can benefit from Verloop’s ability to create conversational forms and KYC processes, making it easier for customers to provide necessary information and complete transactions. In the food services sector, Verloop helps manage orders, reservations, feedback, and queries to provide a seamless dining experience.

Lastly, edtech companies can use Verloop to resolve problems in the preferred channel of communication for students, parents, and educators, improving overall satisfaction and engagement.

Verloop – Features

Chat automation for streamlining support
Voice automation for personalized interactions
AI-driven support to enhance problem resolution
Empowering agents with intelligent tools
Round-the-clock assistance for seamless operations
Revolutionizing customer service with voice support automation
Boosting efficiency and productivity for agents
Enhancing excellence in customer service with AI-driven tools

Verloop – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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