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Vrew: Effortlessly create professional videos with AI-powered features


Vrew is a cutting-edge video editing tool that simplifies the process of creating professional videos with its AI-powered features. With Vrew, video editing is as easy as text editing, thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities.

One of Vrew’s standout features is its AI-powered subtitle generation, which allows users to easily add captions to long videos with minimal editing. Users can also provide a script to generate subtitles that perfectly match the video, saving time and effort in the editing process.

With Vrew’s transcript-based editing, users can quickly find and edit specific points in their videos while reading through the transcript, eliminating the need to rewind and search for specific moments. The lightweight and easy-to-use interface of Vrew streamlines the video editing process, providing essential features without unnecessary fluff.

Vrew also offers a one-stop shop for all royalty-free stock resources, including 100K stock images, thousands of stock videos, 200 background music tracks, 1000 sound effects, 100 fonts, and design text templates. This allows users to create professional videos without worrying about copyright concerns.

Users can effortlessly create videos with AI voices using Vrew’s five languages and 200+ high-quality AI voices. By simply writing a script and adding stock resources, users can create their own videos with ease.

Vrew also offers practical and jaw-dropping features such as the ability to create a video from a single sentence using AI, high-quality short-form video templates, a Silence Trimmer to eliminate silent sections, Manuscript Import for accurate subtitles, and the ability to create videos from PDF files with subtitles and voiceover.

In addition, Vrew offers subtitle translation into over 100 languages, allowing users to display both the original and translated subtitles in their videos. Overall, Vrew is a versatile and powerful tool that makes video editing efficient and accessible for both beginners and professionals.

Vrew – Features

AI-powered subtitle generation
Transcript-based editing
100K stock images, thousands of stock videos
Effortlessly create videos with AI voices
Create videos from text
Short-form video templates
Silence Trimmer
Manuscript Import

Vrew – Pricing

Vrew offers Individual, Lite, Standard, and Business plans. Lite starts at $67/year, Standard at $124/year, and Business at $345/year. All plans include features like unlimited export, trim silence, and free assets. Advanced features are available in higher-tier plans.

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