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Weglot: Translation made easy for multilingual websites


Weglot is a powerful and user-friendly business tool that simplifies website translation, allowing businesses to easily reach global audiences. With Weglot, translating, displaying, and managing a multilingual website is made effortless with full editing control.

One of the standout features of Weglot is its ability to remove the complexity of website translation. By connecting Weglot with any website technology, users can have a fully translated and displayed website within minutes, without the need for any development efforts. This makes it accessible for anyone in the team to handle the integration process.

Weglot also puts website translation projects on autopilot with its automatic content detection feature. This feature scans and detects text, images, and SEO metadata on the site, eliminating the need for manual gathering of website content for translation. Users can sit back and let Weglot continuously detect and translate any new content or page as they go.

The tool also offers high-quality translations without the need for months of manual work. Weglot streamlines the translation process by providing integrated translation management tools that allow users to have complete editing control over their translations. This includes adding translators to the dashboard, assigning tasks, collaborating with teammates, and ordering professional translations within the Weglot project dashboard.

In addition, Weglot helps businesses reach new audiences with multilingual SEO. By automatically creating language subdomains or subdirectories, implementing hreflang tags, and translating metadata, Weglot helps rank translated pages on search engines, attracting more visitors to the website.

Furthermore, Weglot is compatible with all Content Management Systems, web technologies, and tools, making it easy to connect with favorite tools without disrupting the way the website works.

Overall, Weglot is a must-have tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence globally by simplifying website translation and reaching new audiences effortlessly.

Weglot – Features

Easy website translation
Removal of language barriers
Simplified integration with any website technology
Automatic content detection for continuous translation
Translation management tools for editing control
Multilingual SEO to reach new audiences
Compatibility with all Content Management Systems
User-friendly integration with favorite tools

Weglot – Pricing

Weglot offers pricing plans starting from Free for 2,000 words and 1 language, up to Enterprise with tailored support and wire transfer payments. Plans range from $15 to $699 per month depending on number of words and languages.

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