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Wysa: Revolutionizing mental health support for employees


Wysa is a business tool that focuses on mental health support and care, providing immediate assistance through its clinically validated AI technology. With over half a billion AI chat conversations held with more than five million people in 95 countries, Wysa aims to meet individuals where they are in their mental health journey, offering completely anonymous and stigma-free support with no limits.

The platform offers a range of services to support employees and families, including anonymous and unlimited care, as well as human coaching for those who require more personalized assistance. By starting with Wysa’s conversational AI, employers can create a safe and supportive environment for their teams while also saving on the total cost of care.

Wysa’s approach involves multiple steps, starting with opening up to an AI coach in a safe and anonymous space to address worries and stressors. The AI is designed to build a therapeutic alliance equivalent to a human therapist within the first week, providing immediate support and on-demand assistance whenever needed.

Additionally, Wysa offers structured programs and on-demand self-care through evidence-based exercises and clinical programs validated to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. For those who require professional support, Wysa coaches provide 1-on-1 sessions and unlimited messaging between sessions, along with the option to access in-house EAP support.

Furthermore, Wysa offers customized escalation pathways through its SOS feature, guiding individuals towards local and national crisis care helplines, creating personal safety plans, and facilitating grounding exercises. The AI continuously screens for individuals in crisis, ensuring prompt access to professional support when needed.

Wysa – Features

Completely anonymous mental health support
AI chat conversations with over 5 million people in 95 countries
Clinically validated AI for immediate support
Structured programs and on-demand self-care
1-on-1 sessions with professional coaches
Customised escalation pathways for crisis care
Evidence-based exercises for anxiety, sleep, etc.
Access to in-house EAP support through Wysa

Wysa – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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