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Xero introduces genAI search for speedier answers

Xero, the global small business platform, has introduced a cutting-edge Generative AI (GenAI) solution within Xero Central to enhance the delivery of swift and accurate support answers to its extensive user base.

This innovation is the result of a collaboration with Coveo and harnesses the capabilities of GenAI. These generated responses are now accessible within Xero Central, the customer support and learning platform, marking a significant advancement in Xero’s GenAI initiatives, which were recently unveiled at Xerocon Sydney. A recent AI research endeavor by Xero, known as Future Focus AI, revealed that small businesses anticipate the most significant impact of AI in the next five years will be in support systems, such as customer service, chatbots, and help desk tools, coming in at 36%, just behind content creation at 38%.

The GenAI-driven search function in Xero Central capitalizes on Coveo’s platform, integrating generative responses. When users enter a search query or question, they not only receive an answer but also a list of other pertinent content articles. These responses are generated from Xero’s extensive support content, authored by the Xero team. This streamlined approach allows customers to access the information they need without the hassle of sifting through content to locate relevant articles. Additionally, customers can refine their searches based on whether they are a small business, accountant, or bookkeeper, ensuring they receive the most pertinent answers.

Nigel Piper, Executive General Manager – Customer Experience at Xero, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering innovative customer experiences, with this GenAI integration being a pivotal step toward creating a support model that seamlessly combines digital capabilities with human expertise. He highlighted the overwhelmingly positive feedback received regarding the generated answers and the company’s dedication to providing various support options, including one-on-one assistance and phone support from a global team of specialists.

Louis Tetu, CEO and Chairman at Coveo, recognized Xero’s early understanding of the AI-experience advantage in fostering outstanding customer experiences. Xero’s forward-thinking approach aligns with Coveo’s vision of exploring the possibilities of semantic search and GenAI in shaping digital experiences.

In addition to these advancements, Xero has recently rolled out AI-powered bank reconciliation to its global customer base, leveraging AI to identify and predict new contacts within customer statement lines, even in cases where the business names are not present in the contact list. This reduces manual data entry and enhances efficiency. Xero’s AI capabilities extend across various products, including Hubdoc (document capture and data entry), Xero Expenses, Xero Go, and cash flow forecasting in Xero Analytics Plus.

Xero customers can try the GenAI-driven search in Xero Central search. 

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