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Zoho Recruit: The ultimate solution for successful talent acquisition


Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one talent acquisition solution designed to help businesses recruit qualified candidates. It offers targeted and automated recruitment software that streamlines the entire application phase, resulting in a more efficient hiring process and the addition of valuable new hires.

For personnel service providers, Zoho Recruit enables the recruitment of high-quality applicants in the shortest possible time. By leveraging the software’s capabilities, service providers can find and evaluate suitable candidates, effectively filling positions for their customers.

Internal HR teams can also benefit from Zoho Recruit by utilizing its features to find the right people and build an unbeatable workforce. The software facilitates the process of identifying and attracting top talent, ensuring that businesses are able to hire individuals who align with their requirements and contribute to company success.

Zoho Recruit’s recruiting software is equipped with various tools and functionalities that optimize the recruitment process. Users can swiftly post job openings to over 75 job boards and share them on social media platforms with a single click, increasing the visibility of their vacancies and attracting a wider pool of potential candidates.

Additionally, the software enables users to track candidates’ progress at every stage of the hiring process. By having real-time visibility into where candidates are in the recruitment pipeline, businesses can effectively manage their hiring efforts and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall efficiency of their recruitment strategies.

Zoho Recruit also incorporates custom automation tools that guide candidates through each stage of the hiring process. This automation feature streamlines the transition from the interview phase to onboarding, allowing businesses to seamlessly and efficiently onboard the best candidates for each position.

Zoho Recruit – Features

Targeted recruitment for personnel service providers
Find and recruit high-quality applicants quickly
Helps internal HR teams find the right people for their workforce
Automated recruitment software streamlines the application phase
Post jobs to multiple job boards and social media accounts with a single click
Track candidate progress and optimize hiring process with advanced analytics
Custom automation tools guide candidates through the hiring process
Smooth transition from interview to onboarding with custom automation tools

Zoho Recruit – Pricing

Zoho Recruit offers a Forever Free plan with no cost, while their Default plan costs $25/user/month and their Professional plan costs $50/user/month, both billed annually. The Enterprise plan is available at $75/user/month, also billed annually.

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