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Aussie CEOs spill on the business resolutions they will be making this year

As the calendar flips to a new year, Australian small and medium-sized business (SME) owners are setting out with personal resolutions designed to give their businesses a significant lift. 

With a keen eye on staying ahead in the competitive market, they’re not only embracing cutting-edge technologies but also prioritizing the well-being of their valued teams. These resolutions underscore a genuine commitment to navigating the twists and turns of the dynamic Australian business scene, with the ultimate goal of achieving sustainable growth and enduring success in the months ahead.

Mick Spencer, co-founder of Gravity Seltzer

My business resolution for this year would be to find more space in my week to focus on my well-being, which in turn should help with my productivity and leadership. This means taking time to add breathwork, ice baths and surfing into my week. I also need to make sure I adhere to critical switch-off time away from “business” and focused time with family!

Luke McLeod- Founder of Soul Alive

A big 2024 resolution for us, is to take Soul Alive into the corporate space. Until now, we’ve primarily focused on building trust and connection with the public. We are gaining lots of feedback and improving our UX.

We are now ready to give the corporate sector access to all the benefits, plus more, that Soul Alive offers. From Daily Doses of Good Vibes to Live and Interactive Guided Meditations. Businesses are in desperate need of ways to support their staff’s mental health, so we’re very excited to be entering this space in 2024.

Dr Amy Chahal- Founder of The Centre for Medical Aesthetics 

My business resolution for 2024 would be to tighten up systems and procedures to maximise time with my patients to give them the absolute best experience and value possible. 

Ben Lucas-Director of  Flow Athletic 

My business resolution for the upcoming year is to spend more time helping my team members achieve their own goals. I find that helping people achieve personal goals also helps with staff retention, motivation, and productivity and ultimately enhances our chance of business success. Help the people who help you

Matt Gordin- CEO at Boutique Fitness Studios Australia & New Zealand

Innovating Fitness Programs: In 2024 we are focusing on introducing new and innovative fitness programs or classes to meet evolving consumer preferences and trends in the fitness industry.

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