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Countdown to CES 2024: From Ultra-massive TV to Mind-reading tech

In just a week, the global tech community will converge at the highly anticipated Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, igniting a frenzy of excitement within the industry.

Regarded as the premier stage for tech juggernauts to unveil revolutionary innovations and set the tone for the year ahead, CES holds the promise of awe-inspiring breakthroughs.

Scheduled strategically in the first week of the year, CES allows companies to showcase their latest creations hot off the holiday season. The diverse lineup for 2024 spans from electric vehicles and the metaverse to cutting-edge beauty tech innovations. However, stealing the spotlight is the much-discussed star of the show – generative artificial intelligence.

AI/ML Driving the Trends

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, are set to redefine the landscape with their AI-powered home appliances. Rumors are rife that Samsung will unveil an AI-powered robot chef, a futuristic kitchen companion poised to transform personalized meal preparation based on individual dietary preferences. Meanwhile, Amazon’s presence sparks speculations of a groundbreaking feature for Alexa, hinting at seamless interactions with multiple smart devices using natural language – envisioning a future where homes can be commanded by the power of voice alone.

Could CES 2024 be the stage for a sneak peek at the next GPT-4 or witness a medical breakthrough powered by AI? The anticipation grows as the tech world wonders what surprises may be in store.

New Range of TVs

In the realm of television, LG is rumored to go big with an ultra-massive TV, potentially surpassing its current behemoth, the 97-inch G2 OLED. Speculation arises: Will CES 2024 witness the breaking of the 100-inch barrier? Samsung’s QD-OLED technology is also expected to expand, bringing vibrant colors and enhanced brightness to smaller screen sizes. LG, leveraging its OLED panel dominance, may unveil more affordable OLED TVs, promising to shake up the market.

EVs Charge Ahead

In a surprising twist, CES 2024 prioritizes the electrification of cars over autonomous vehicle developments. Major automakers, led by Honda, plan to debut a new EV series targeting global markets, offering a glimpse into their vision for the future of electric mobility. Artificial intelligence is set to play a role in this sector, with a cautious approach, focusing on lower-risk applications like vehicle personalisation to enhance user experiences without compromising safety.

Mind-Reading Tech Takes Center Stage

Neural interfaces, the stuff of science fiction, are becoming a reality. Mudra, for instance, introduces a band for the Apple Watch that enables users to interact with the device by simply moving their fingers—or even just thinking about moving them., a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree, offers a brain-training system utilizing advanced light stimulation tech for neurofeedback. Promising a sharper, calmer mind, the bizarre cranium-cradling headset it entails adds a surreal touch to the unfolding tech spectacle. CES 2024 is poised to reveal the next frontier in mind-reading technology, blending science and innovation in unprecedented ways.

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