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Cohesive: Content creation with AI


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Cohesive is a powerful AI editor that allows business managers to create, refine, edit, and publish content seamlessly. This innovative tool offers a range of features, including AI image generation, importing knowledge from various sources, and popular templates for generating scripts for videos, blogs, social media captions, and more.

With Cohesive, users can quickly and easily create engaging and high-quality content for various platforms. The tool provides over 200 templates to choose from, allowing users to bring their vision to life at lightning speed. Additionally, Cohesive enables real-time collaboration with teams, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and deadlines are never missed.

Whether it’s marketing, sales, customer support, or personal writing, Cohesive provides AI-generated content solutions to meet a variety of business needs. With the ability to effortlessly edit text, images, and language translations, users can ensure that every word is precisely crafted to perfection. Cohesive also offers endless inspiration, providing content ideas as users write in the editor.

From maximizing marketing ROI to increasing sales quotas, Cohesive is a versatile tool that can help businesses improve their online presence and engage with customers effectively. With features such as AI image generation, AI voices, and AI-powered conversations for customer support, Cohesive is the go-to AI editor for creating engaging, relevant, and optimized content for any business.

Cohesive – Features

Powerful AI editor for creating, refining, editing, and publishing content seamlessly
AI image generation for instant text-to-image creation
Knowledge import feature for creating brand-relevant and factually correct content
Variety of popular templates for generating scripts, blogs, captions, rephrasing content, etc.
Collaboration tool for real-time team collaboration and meeting deadlines
Effortless editing of text, images, and language translations
200+ handpicked curated templates for creating high-quality content 13x faster
Endless inspiration with content ideas generated as you write in the editor

Cohesive – Pricing

Cohesive offers three pricing plans: Basic (free), Creator ($25/month per editor), and Agency ($45/month per editor). Each plan includes access to Cohesive Templates, AI Images, AI Voice Generation, Integrations, and more.

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