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Motionshift: AI-powered video creation


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Motionshift is an AI-powered business tool designed to help business managers create winning videos and ads in minutes. With an easy-to-use template editor and access to a library of footage, 2D & 3D assets, users can produce high-converting content at scale. Trusted by various industries including restaurants, SaaS, retail, cosmetics, fitness, e-commerce, and more, Motionshift offers video and ad templates that are optimized for success.

One of the key features of Motionshift is its ability to personalize content by converting a website URL into a video. Users can generate conversion-focused video ad creatives in seconds by simply entering their URL, saving time and improving results. The customizable template editor makes it easy for users to edit videos and animations without any complex skills. With pre-animated and pre-composed templates, users can swap objects and input text to create on-brand videos and ads instantly.

Motionshift also boasts a supercharged AI-powered library with over 100k free high-quality videos, 1000+ free 3D models, 100+ animated text libraries, and 100k+ copyright-free music. The tool provides contextually relevant suggestions by analyzing visual and audio elements of videos, 3D models, and music. Users can create engaging content that sells, driving more traffic and engaging their audience on a deeper level.

Additionally, Motionshift offers integrations that allow users to easily import designs from various 2D and 3D file formats with just one click. The tool is continuously evolving, with the upcoming release of an AI editor that promises to revolutionize video editing, template creation, and asset generation. Join the beta waitlist now to experience the future of video creation with Motionshift.

Motionshift – Features

Easy-to-use AI powered template editor
Video & Ad templates optimized for success
Personalized video generation from website URL
Customizable template editor
AI powered library with high-quality assets
Engaging content creation
Coming soon: AI editor
Easy integrations with various file formats

Motionshift – Pricing

Motionshift offers a beta waitlist for interested users to join and access the tool.

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