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CopyCopter: Turn your blog into viral videos instantly


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CopyCopter is a cutting-edge generative AI text-to-video tool designed to revolutionize content creation for businesses. By simply inputting any type of text content, such as blogs or newsletters, CopyCopter can instantly transform it into engaging and unique short videos with just one click. With the ability to choose from 21 AI voices for voiceover, users can customize their video output to suit their brand or target audience. Additionally, CopyCopter offers a powerful editor that allows for further customization, ensuring that the final product meets the specific needs of the user.

Testimonials from satisfied customers attest to the effectiveness and efficiency of CopyCopter, with users praising its speed, ease of use, and the impressive results it delivers. With over 500 happy creators already on board, CopyCopter has garnered a reputation for turning text into viral TikToks and Shorts with the help of AI technology.

The tool is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including news visualization, book reviews, product updates, and more. By following a simple three-step process – starting with a URL, customizing the video, and editing the output – users can create professional-quality videos in a matter of seconds.

Key features of CopyCopter include AI scripts for perfect video scripts, 21 unique voices to choose from, a video editor for easy customization, an AI image generator for realistic images, and the ability to effortlessly include stock footage in creations. Furthermore, CopyCopter regularly updates its features to enhance user experience and meet evolving needs.

Powered by Eleven Labs, CopyCopter offers a seamless text-to-video solution that is not only simple to use but also yields impressive results. For businesses looking to boost their online presence, engage their audience, and enhance their content strategy, CopyCopter is a game-changing tool that delivers on its promise of creating captivating and unique videos with minimal effort.

CopyCopter – Features

Turn text content (blogs, newsletters) into short videos in one click
Start with any type of text content
Create 100% unique AI Videos
Pick from 21 AI Voices for voiceover
Customize output with powerful editor
AI Scripts for perfect video script
AI Image Generator for unique visuals
Stock Video Footage for variety

CopyCopter – Pricing

CopyCopter offers three pricing plans: Hobby for $13/month, Growth for $19/month, and Pro for $34/month. Subscribers can save up to 30% with yearly billing. Each plan includes different features like credit limits, resolution options, and watermark removal.

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