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EngageAI: Boost your linkedIn engagement and sales pipeline


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EngageAI is a powerful business tool designed to help managers enhance their LinkedIn presence and increase engagement with prospects. With the ability to craft personalized and non-generic comments, EngageAI allows users to add a human touch to their interactions while standing out from the competition. This tool offers unique value by increasing resonance with the target audience and providing opportunities for authentic engagement.

One of the key features of EngageAI is Prospect Monitoring, which enables users to be the first to comment on posts and increase click-through rates in just three simple steps. By monitoring recent posts on LinkedIn and increasing touchpoints authentically, users can save time and eliminate the need for manual reminders to nurture prospects and clients. Additionally, the Generative AI feature helps generate more leads on LinkedIn by creating posts, articles, and event descriptions that resonate with the audience and increase visibility.

Users can also benefit from personalized connection request notes, recommendations, and profile content that optimize their LinkedIn profile for higher visibility and reach. By utilizing EngageAI, businesses can streamline relationship-building, overcome writer’s block, optimize their LinkedIn profile, and grow their thought leadership.

Testimonials from satisfied users, including Dr. Nancy Zare, Christopher Nigischer, and Lazar Jovanovic, highlight the success that B2B companies across the globe have achieved with EngageAI. By utilizing this tool, businesses can build relationships, expand their reach, and earn additional streams of revenue. Overall, EngageAI is a valuable asset for business managers looking to maximize their LinkedIn potential and drive results in the digital space.

EngageAi – Features

Start conversations with prospects on LinkedIn
Customize comments for a personalized touch
Add unique value to interactions
Increase resonance with target audience
Prospect monitoring for engagement opportunities
Generate more leads on LinkedIn with Generative AI
End writer’s block with personalized content recommendations
Optimize LinkedIn profile for visibility and reach

EngageAi – Pricing

EngageAi offers two pricing plans: the Executive Suite at $1,299/month and Pro at $30/month. The Pro plan is available for free with no credit card required, and it operates on a pay-as-you-go model. Both plans include AI-powered content generation and personalized LinkedIn services.

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