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Supermoon: Elevate your customer support with Ai


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Supermoon is a powerful business tool that can help streamline and optimize customer support processes. With the use of AI technology, Supermoon allows businesses to cut response times in half and simplify customer support operations.

One of the key features of Supermoon is its omnichannel inbox, which enables businesses to manage customer requests from various channels such as Gmail, Outlook, Instagram, and website chat all in one shared inbox. This means that customer messages can be replied to and managed efficiently with a single login, reducing the chance of missing any important inquiries.

A new feature in Supermoon is the personalized AI, which utilizes a business’s FAQ or knowledge base to generate customized replies to customer questions. This helps users save time by providing them with a head start on every support request and cutting manual response times in half.

In addition to the AI capabilities, Supermoon also offers a ticketing platform that allows teams to collaborate effectively and support customers without the complexity of enterprise software. With features such as assigning teammates, adding tags, setting priorities, and changing statuses, the platform provides a simple and intuitive design that makes managing customer support more efficient and seamless.

Overall, Supermoon is a comprehensive business tool that allows businesses to access and manage all customer requests from a single platform, respond to support channels from one centralized location, and utilize AI technology to improve response times and customer satisfaction. By incorporating Supermoon into their operations, business managers can enhance their customer support processes and drive better results for their organization.

Supermoon – Features

Simplify customer support with AI
Upgrade to a shared inbox for customer requests from multiple channels
Save time with personalized AI responses
Collaborate with team on ticketing platform
Access and manage all customer requests from single platform
Seamlessly embed live chat on website
Respond to all support channels from one platform
Automatic reply suggestions, message summaries, sentiment analysis with AI customization

Supermoon – Pricing

Supermoon offers three pricing plans: Free, Starter ($8/seat/month), and Pro ($18/seat/month). The Pro plan includes additional features like Unlimited AI Smart Replies and AI Sentiment Detection. All plans offer a free trial period and transparent pricing without hidden fees.

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