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CustomGPT: Unlock business potential with customized Ai integration


CustomGPT is a cutting-edge business tool that allows you to create your own custom GPT-4 model using all of your business content. This platform offers accurate responses generated by GPT-4 without fabricating facts, all while ensuring security and privacy.

By embedding CustomGPT on your website, you can increase customer engagement and ultimately boost sales. Internally, deploying CustomGPT can lead to improved employee productivity, as the tool can automate repetitive tasks and provide quick responses to inquiries, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic activities.

Trusted by companies around the world, CustomGPT is a valuable asset for any business looking to enhance customer interactions and improve the overall customer experience. The tool provides tailored and relevant responses based on your business content, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

With a no-code setup, CustomGPT makes it easy for businesses to ingest their content seamlessly and obtain accurate responses without the need for coding or IT support. The platform is powered by GPT-4 API, ensuring anti-hallucination responses and providing citations and sources for transparency.

Whether you are looking to enhance customer service, support helpdesks, or conduct document research, CustomGPT offers a wide range of use cases to unlock the potential of your business. With features like multi-source data integrations, support for 92 languages, and secure, privacy-first access, CustomGPT is a versatile tool that can be tailored to fit your business needs. So, are you ready to see CustomGPT in action and power up your business content?

CustomGPT – Features

Create custom GPT with all your business content
Embed on your website for increased customer engagement & sales
Deploy internally for improved employee productivity
Provide accurate GPT-4 responses without making up facts
Automate repetitive tasks and provide quick responses to inquiries
Enhanced customer experience with tailored interactions
Easy no-code setup with seamless website integration
Secure, privacy-first, business-grade platform.

CustomGPT – Pricing

CustomGPT offers Standard plan at $89/month with 10 chatbots, Premium plan at $449/month with 100 chatbots and Enterprise plan with custom features. Save 10% on Annual Plans. Pricing varies for monthly and annual payments.

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