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Gretel: Unlock the power of safe synthetic data generation


Gretel is a synthetic data platform designed for developers to generate artificial datasets with the same characteristics as real data, allowing them to develop and test AI models without compromising privacy. With the Gretel Model Creation Workflow, developers can train generative AI models, validate models and use cases with quality and privacy scores, and generate as much data as needed on demand. The platform’s APIs make it simple to generate anonymized and safe synthetic data, enabling faster innovation while preserving privacy.

The Gretel community has synthesized over 350 billion records, with 1.1 million SDK downloads and 135,000 developers using Gretel Cloud. Users have experienced 15 times quicker access to high-quality data, making it a complete multimodal synthetic data platform. Gretel offers a developer-ready, product-focused approach, allowing users to get started with synthetic data generation in less than five minutes through the Gretel Cloud Console.

For enterprise use cases, Gretel can be deployed via Google Cloud Marketplace, AWS Marketplace, and Azure Marketplace, harnessing the power of generative AI and multi-modal synthetic data. Case studies with Illumina showcase how synthetic data addresses deep privacy concerns in genomics and can be as accurate as real-world data for machine learning tasks.

Gretel’s mission is to make working with data easier and more secure for data-driven developers. By providing flexible, secure, and easy-to-deploy tools, Gretel aims to drive progress across industries. Users can get started with a free account, join the Synthetic Data Community on Discord, and access comprehensive documentation for setting up their environment and connecting to the SDK. Gretel’s platform offers privacy-preserving data transformations, PII identification with advanced NLP detection, generative AI data sharing and augmentation, relational data preservation, and quality validation for synthetic data across various industries such as finance, healthcare, and the public sector.

Gretel – Features

Generate artificial datasets with the same characteristics as real data
Train generative AI models that learn the statistical properties of your data
Validate models and use cases with quality and privacy scores
Generate as much data as needed, on demand
Sign up instantly with Gretel Cloud Console and start generating synthetic data
Deploy Gretel for enterprise use cases in Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure Marketplaces
Create safe synthetic datasets for genomics and global financial institutions

Gretel – Pricing

Gretel offers simple pricing that scales with your needs. Start with free credits and pay $2.00 per credit after. Upgrade to the Team plan for $295/month or contact sales for the Enterprise plan. Each plan offers different features such as concurrent jobs, SLA, and support options.

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