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Databricks: Own your data, shape your future


Databricks is a revolutionary data intelligence platform that brings artificial intelligence (AI) to your data, helping you to utilize AI in various aspects of your business. The platform introduces DBRX, an open source foundation model that sets new standards in quality and efficiency. With DBRX, users can create their own custom LLM (Large Language Model) quickly and effectively, outperforming established open models in quality benchmarks.

Databricks allows users to develop generative AI applications on their data without compromising data privacy or control. The platform aims to democratize insights by empowering everyone in the organization to discover valuable insights from data using natural language. Additionally, Databricks helps to drive down costs by unifying the approach to data, AI, and governance, thus increasing efficiency and simplifying complexity.

By utilizing a data-centric approach, Databricks helps users build better AI models by maintaining lineage, quality, control, and data privacy across the AI workflow. The platform offers a complete set of tools to support various AI use cases, including creating, tuning, and deploying generative AI models, automating experiment tracking and governance, and deploying and monitoring models at scale.

Databricks has been successfully adopted by industry leaders in data and AI companies, helping them achieve breakthroughs, innovate faster, and drive down costs. For instance, JetBlue leverages Databricks to optimize operations, grow revenue sources, reduce flight delays, and enhance efficiency.

Furthermore, Databricks seamlessly integrates with existing tools for ETL, data ingestion, business intelligence, AI, and governance, ensuring a smooth transition to new technologies without discarding what already works. With its innovative features and capabilities, Databricks is revolutionizing the way businesses utilize AI and data intelligence to achieve success in today’s digital world.

Databricks – Features

Industry-specific solutions for Communications, Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Public Sector, Retail
Cross-industry solutions available
Customer Data Platform for personalized marketing
Cyber Security solutions for data protection
Data Migration services for easy transition
Professional Services for assistance
Solution Accelerators for quick deployment

Databricks – Pricing

Available upon request.

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