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Phrasee: AI content for more clicks, conversions, and customers


Phrasee is an AI-powered content generation tool designed to help businesses increase clicks, conversions, and ultimately, customers. It uses generative AI to create billions of marketing messages tailored for the digital customer journey. With its enterprise-grade platform, marketers can easily test and optimize content for improved performance, conversions, and ROI.

One of the key features of Phrasee is its ability to predict and generate the best-performing content based on data, rather than gut instinct. This ensures that messages are optimized for maximum impact. Additionally, Phrasee’s brand controls protect and amplify a brand’s unique tone and voice, while still delivering consistent experiences across various marketing channels.

The platform offers a range of AI content solutions for different marketing needs, including email marketing, push notifications, SMS messaging, website and app content, social media, and Google ads. For email marketing, Phrasee can help create attention-grabbing subject lines, pre-headers, and in-body copy for various types of email campaigns. Similarly, for push notifications, SMS messaging, and web and app content, Phrasee can generate performance-driven messages tailored to engage and drive action.

Phrasee’s AI-powered platform also provides automated language insights and real-time performance reporting, allowing businesses to understand what messages and sentiments are resonating with their customers. By automating experimentation at scale, marketers can ensure that their best messages reach a wider audience.

In conclusion, Phrasee offers a comprehensive AI content solution for businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts. With its predictive capabilities, brand controls, and optimization features, Phrasee can help businesses generate compelling content that drives results across a range of marketing channels.

Phrasee – Features

AI-generated, on-brand content
Content optimization at scale
Brand controls for consistent experiences
Data-driven content predictions
Automate experimentation for wider audience reach
Real-time customer insights and reporting
Email marketing content generation
Push notification content creation
SMS messaging generation
Website and app content creation
Social media copy generation
Google ads copy creation

Phrasee – Pricing

Phrasee offers flexible enterprise pricing for both Content Generation and Content Optimization plans. Billed annually, marketers can access the industry’s most natural-sounding AI content with built-in safety and controls, as well as AI-optimized content that learns and adapts to the audience.

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