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JenniAI: Supercharge your research paper writing


Jenni AI is a powerful business tool designed to supercharge the process of writing research papers, essays, literature reviews, personal statements, blog posts, speeches, and more. This innovative tool is packed with features that enhance research and writing capabilities, making the process more efficient and effective.

One of the key features of Jenni AI is its AI autocomplete function, which helps users overcome writer’s block by suggesting text as they write. This feature ensures that the writing process flows smoothly and seamlessly. In addition, Jenni AI offers in-text citations in various styles such as APA, MLA, IEEE, and Harvard, consulting the latest research and PDF uploads to ensure accurate and proper citation.

Jenni AI also provides a paraphrase and rewrite feature, allowing users to rephrase any text in any tone and rewrite internet content to suit their needs. Users can generate content from their files, bringing their research papers to life with source-based generation. The chat feature allows users to quickly understand and summarize research papers with the help of an AI chat assistant.

With Jenni AI’s outline builder, users can enter a prompt and receive a list of section headings to flesh out their research papers. Users can also choose custom styles and tones, from academic to persuasive, to suit their writing needs. The Research Library feature allows users to save and manage research in their library, easily citing research in any document.

Jenni AI ensures that users never write alone, offering suggestions when they are stuck or helping expand notes into full paragraphs. Whether writing an essay, literature review, research paper, personal statement, blog post, or speech, Jenni AI provides valuable assistance to polish writing and increase submission success. With Jenni AI, users are in control of their writing process, making it easier to produce high-quality content efficiently.

Jenni AI – Features

AI Autocomplete
In-text Citations
Paraphrase & Rewrite
Generate From Your Files
Chat to your PDFs
Outline Builder
Custom Styles & Tones
Research Library

Jenni AI – Pricing

Jenni AI offers simple and transparent pricing plans with no credit card required. Users can choose between a free plan with 200 AI words per day or an unlimited plan for $20/month. Team pricing is available for research labs and universities, with custom options by contacting sales.

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