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dMatrix: Transforming economics for GenAi


dMatrix is a cutting-edge business tool that is revolutionizing the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by making it more accessible and sustainable. As the demand for generative AI and large language models continues to grow exponentially, the current infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the cost and demand. However, dMatrix has developed the most efficient platform for AI inference at scale, making it possible for businesses of all sizes to harness the power of AI.

With groundbreaking architecture boasting 40 times the memory bandwidth, 20 times better power efficiency, and 20 times better latency, dMatrix is able to deliver AI inference at scale with a 10 times better total cost of ownership (TCO). This incredible efficiency is crucial for companies looking to implement AI into their operations without breaking the bank.

One of dMatrix’s key missions is to transform the economics of large-scale inference by providing a purpose-built solution that scales with model size. This scalability makes it possible for companies of all sizes and budgets to benefit from the power of AI without the associated high costs.

Moreover, dMatrix is focused on creating a more sustainable AI landscape. By 2025, AI is projected to consume more energy than the human workforce, but dMatrix is working to change that trajectory. By offering a more energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for AI inference, dMatrix is helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint while still reaping the benefits of AI technology.

In conclusion, dMatrix is a game-changing business tool that is making AI more attainable, sustainable, and scalable for companies around the world. With its groundbreaking architecture and transformative computing paradigm, dMatrix is leading the way in driving the future of AI technology.

dMatrix – Features

Next generation compute for generative AI
Efficient platform for AI inference at scale
Groundbreaking architecture with 40x memory bandwidth
Purpose-built with 20x better power efficiency
Fast with 20x better latency
AI inference at scale with 10x better TCO
Sustainable AI to reduce energy consumption
Scalable solution for companies of all sizes

dMatrix – Pricing

dMatrix offers custom pricing plans tailored to the specific needs of each business, and pricing information is available upon request. Contact dMatrix directly to learn more about their flexible pricing options.

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