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Tech Tuesday:  Automation tools you need to know this week 


Feeling tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Repetitive tasks are boring and take up a lot of time, leaving little room for creativity.

Why not use new automation technology to handle these tasks more effectively and save time? By automating them, you can free up your skilled workers to focus on more important tasks and get more done.

Automation software helps businesses save time and work more efficiently, whether they use digital or physical tools. It’s a great way to cut costs without losing productivity. From making products to writing software, automation helps all kinds of businesses. Whether you’re new to automation or want to make your current processes better, we’ll show you some great tools.

Join us for today’s Tech Tuesday as we talk about automation tools that can make your work easier. 

Built on top of the Work OS, monday work management enables organisations, managers, and executives to reach shared goals faster and collaboratively, at scale. Using powerful features such as automations, teams can get more done by automating repetitive tasks, freeing time to focus on more meaningful work. The powerful low code-no code platform includes an automation centre where you can build your own code-free recipes to automate tasks or choose from over 200 pre-built automation recipes to improve efficiency across your work.

Within minutes, you can automate status changes, item creation, recurring tasks, and notifications to help boost productivity and collaboration across teams. Organisations can also centralise all of their work by integrating with other tools and apps, such as Slack and Gmail, and automate business-wide actions from lead management to email marketing, and more. With monday work management, teams can seamlessly customise their workflows and improve collaboration to fuel efficiency and drive results organisation-wide. 


Kissflow transforms complex workflows into streamlined digital processes. Say goodbye to paper trails and manual approvals for employee onboarding, purchase requests, expense reimbursements, and more. Kissflow’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows anyone to build automated workflows effortlessly – no coding required!

This low-code/no-code approach empowers businesses of all sizes to leverage the benefits of automation. Founded in 2004, Kissflow has a globally distributed workforce.

AI SCAPE Summarisation

AI SCAPE’s Summarisation capabilities enables your organisation to experience the immediate benefits of adopting Generative AI such as improving service quality, reducing total average handling time and boosting staff productivity.

Conversations with customers are automatically transcribed and summarised into the lead or contact record within leading CRM platforms including Salesforce and ServiceNow. This leading innovation in contact centre software utilises Microsoft’s Azure AI services to generate highly accurate summaries, mitigating the risk of human error.


BrightHR is an end-to-end HR software and support services provider to over 100,000+ businesses  world-wide. It’s got all the easy-to-use features that SMEs need to automate tasks and save valuable  time.  The smart online roster software takes the hassle out of creating, managing, and updating your staff  rosters—but halving your HR admin time doesn’t end there.

The software suite also includes a time-  saving holiday planner, overtime tracker, staff expense and mileage tracking app, and an extensive  HR document library to save you from drafting your documentation from scratch.  


Detrack simplifies last-mile deliveries for businesses by automating tasks like proof of delivery (POD), route optimization, and real-time tracking. Through their software, businesses can capture electronic signatures, optimize delivery routes, and track deliveries in real-time, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

With a user-friendly mobile app available in multiple languages, Detrack caters to businesses of all sizes and industries, making logistics management more straightforward and cost-effective.


Slack is the AI-powered platform for work, helping millions of people everyday across every industry move faster and fulfill their missions. With Slack AI, the platform is giving time back to people in their working lives by making the task of finding relevant information easy. It’s a new generative AI experience that includes smart search, channel recaps and thread summaries right in the platform.

It’s not just about the conversations that take place. With Slack’s Workflow Builder, anyone can create automations for repetitive tasks such as weekly reminders, integrating time-saving processes. Workflow connectors also make it easy to automate tasks across Slack and other tools like Google Sheets, DocuSign, Jira, Asana and more.

Slack offers a free version to users that include basic features. They also offer a Pro version from $7.25 USD user/per month and Business+ for $12.50 USD user/per month. Enterprise Grid subscriptions are upon consultation.

Zebra WorkCloud 

Zebra WorkCloud is a purpose-built suite of enterprise solutions that digitise workflows for the most critical functions of a modern enterprise. Specifically, its Workforce Optimisation solution is designed to help decision-makers tackle the challenges of labour costs and availability, from task to timekeeping as well as scheduling, budgeting, and forecasting. 

Zebra WorkCloud solutions are implemented across various industries in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), spanning retail, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. With more than 275 global retailers, restaurants, hotels, and banks leveraging our Workforce Optimisation solutions, businesses in ANZ have successfully adopted the software since its introduction to the region in 2022.


Airtable is a database and workflow builder tool that allows us to create internal channel notifications, templated emails, and update assignees throughout our workflows. Without Airtable, where we’ve built a content production system that fits our workflows, we’d be stuck adapting our processes to the limitations of whichever tool we chose instead. Each content piece lives in one spreadsheet, with filters that provide more flexibility than tools where tasks are connected to an overarching project.


Way2Vat has just launched AI-AP Compliance, a new AI-driven automated accounts payable auditing product to complement the Company’s existing suite of AI-powered VAT/GST claim and return solutions.

Many companies use external advisors to perform invoice audits. This not only takes a lot of time and cost but opens a company to risk and potential fines for improper VAT/GST treatment as advisors tend to only do spot checks on a sample of invoices. 

AI-AP Compliance operates at magnitudes quicker than manual auditing, reducing processing time from months to days, and significantly reducing risk by automatically ensuring all invoices are compliant with various VAT/GST rules and regulations, and verifying the correct amount of VAT/GST has been charged or paid.

 EasyCars Dealer Management System

EasyCars is an intuitive dealer management system that streamlines automotive operations through automation. Targeting Automotive Dealers in Australia, EasyCars automates time consuming, repetitive tasks like inventory management, advertising,  reporting, government compliance and customer relationship management in one central web-based application. A third-generation software, EasyCars enhances productivity, reduces overhead costs, and most importantly improves profitability, accelerating growth for users.

UiPath Business Automation Platform

The UiPath AI-powered Business Automation Platform enables businesses to rapidly build AI-powered automation tools that seamlessly collaborate with people and systems to transform every facet of work. 

The platform has built in capabilities for process mining, data analytics, communications mining, and machine learning. It empowers employees to quickly and easily build their own automations that take care of repetitive tasks, freeing humans up to do more rewarding work. 

The UiPath platform works across every business function from finance and human resources through to marketing and operations and at all levels from office administration to the CEO. It can automate repetitive processes in most industries including the public sector, higher education, finance, retail, mining, and manufacturing. 

UiPath customers are achieving significant cost savings and efficiency gains through the Business Automation Platform that they can reinvest in new opportunities and business growth.  

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