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EllieAi: Streamline data workflows & collaboration effortlessly


EllieAI is a powerful business tool that helps organizations validate product ideas and streamline data workflows. With a focus on data products, EllieAI offers a variety of features to assist businesses in designing data warehouses, implementing data governance, creating cross-domain communication with Data Mesh, and fostering a data-driven culture within the organization.

One of the key features of EllieAI is its streamlined collaboration capabilities, allowing multiple users to work on data models simultaneously and facilitate seamless teamwork. The tool also offers Conceptual Data Modeling, Business Glossary, and Logical Data Modeling features to help organizations efficiently capture their business reality and keep enterprise terminology organized.

EllieAI is a cloud-based platform with security trusted by banks and hospitals, making it a reliable choice for businesses handling sensitive data. The tool also provides integrations with partner tools such as Wherescape, Vaultspeed, and Datavault Builder, as well as future integrations with popular Data Catalogs.

For enterprise applications, EllieAI offers advanced enterprise user management with integration options for Okta and Azure Active Directory, ensuring secure and effortless accessibility for teams. With a user ratio of 6:1 business to data users and a high retention rate of over 95%, EllieAI is a trusted solution for organizations looking to boost their data workflows and drive data culture within their organization.

In conclusion, EllieAI simplifies complex data modeling processes, enables effective collaboration between IT and Business stakeholders, and provides a modern, business-driven approach to data design and management. Business managers looking to enhance their data product designs, data governance processes, and overall data culture can benefit greatly from using EllieAI’s comprehensive suite of features and integrations.

EllieAi – Features

Data Products Validation and Design
Data Warehouse Fundamentals and Maintenance
Data Governance Implementation
Data Mesh Design and Communication
Streamlined Collaboration
Design Reusability
Import, Export, Open API
Integrations with Partner Tools
Advanced Enterprise User Management

EllieAi – Pricing

EllieAi offers custom pricing plans based on the specific needs of the business. They also provide a free trial for users to test out the tool before committing to a paid plan.

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