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Syllaby: Transform your content with Ai magic


Syllaby is an innovative business tool that automates social media marketing by helping users discover trending content and create, edit, schedule, and track videos with the help of AI magic. One of its key features is the ability to create personalized videos without the need to be on camera, by either cloning your own avatar or selecting from pre-given options. This feature allows users to effortlessly generate scripts and visuals, infusing charm and personality into their content with just a few clicks.

In addition to video creation, Syllaby also offers a keyword research function that helps users find questions their customers are asking online. By creating videos based on real online inquiries in their industry, users can generate evergreen content that resonates with their target audience, resulting in consistent lead generation.

The tool also provides a seamless video editing experience with an integrated editor that allows users to trim, add effects, and share their masterpieces effortlessly. Additionally, Syllaby offers a unique Voice Clone feature that captures the essence of a user’s voice for narration, dubbing, or virtual assistants, helping them amplify their voice and be heard loud and clear.

Overall, Syllaby follows a process of discovering trending ideas, generating custom scripts, customizing videos with AI technology, and scheduling and tracking video performance across social platforms. With features like AI script generation, avatars, voice cloning, writer, social media content calendar, and analytics, Syllaby is a comprehensive tool for businesses looking to enhance their social media marketing efforts.

Syllaby – Features

Automated Social Media Marketing
Real Clone Avatar Creation
Keyword Research for Video Content
Seamless Video Editing
Voice Cloning Technology
Discover Trending Ideas
Advanced Script Generation
Social Media Content Calendar

Syllaby – Pricing

Syllaby offers three pricing plans: Basic for $44 per month or $529 annually, Standard for $80 per month or $961 annually, and Premium for $134 per month or $1609 annually. Each plan includes various features such as generating ideas, scripts & videos, social media publishing, video editing, and more.

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