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InteraxAI: Monetize AI widgets on your website without coding


InteraxAI is a cutting-edge business tool that allows you to seamlessly integrate AI into your website, blogs, or platform without the need to write any code. This no-code platform offers a variety of monetizable and embeddable AI widgets that can be customized to elevate your brand’s online presence. These widgets, such as AI chatbots and image generators, are designed to increase user engagement and interactivity.

One of the key features of InteraxAI is its ability to extract relevant citations to provide accurate responses to your audience. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily install AI widgets on your website by simply copying and pasting custom widget elements code. Furthermore, InteraxAI offers the option to monetize your AI widgets by setting fees for each generated widget or by participating in the affiliate program to earn revenue.

The platform also allows you to fully customize the AI widgets to fit your brand, including the ability to change styles, add new inputs, and configure behaviors to meet your specific use cases. Additionally, InteraxAI provides customer support to assist with any questions or issues that may arise while using their AI widgets.

In a rapidly growing artificial intelligence industry, InteraxAI aims to make AI accessible to everyone, providing an easy-to-use, customizable platform that empowers businesses to enhance user engagement and interactivity on their online platforms.

InteraxAI – Features

No-Code Monetizable and Embeddable AI Widgets
Diverse set of features tailored to elevate brand’s presence
Extracts relevant citations for accurate responses
Range of AI widgets for website, blog, or social media integration
Designed to increase user interactivity and engagement
Fully monetizable, allowing revenue generation
Simple installation process with copy-paste custom widget elements code
Fully customizable to fit brand’s style and behavior with configuration options

InteraxAI – Pricing

InteraxAI offers a free plan with limited features, a Pro plan for $20/month, and a Business plan for $99/month. Additional features and options like advanced analytics and priority support can be added for an extra cost.

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