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Finding the perfect fit: Why this fashion brand uses a disability-focused job platform


In Australia, only 53.4% of people with disability of working age are actively employed.

That’s an untapped talent pool of more than two million Aussies, many of whom are struggling to find work due to inaccessible workplaces, unconscious bias and fear of rejection.

Launched in 2022 by Dylan Alcott, the Field is a platform designed to connect people with disabilities who want to work with organisations that want to hire more inclusively.

Made for people with disability by people with disability, the jobsite provides equitable access to job seekers, while simplifying the recruitment process for employers.

Businesses of all sizes have access to a range of practical support tools and digital training resources to build capability and grow understanding when it comes to inclusive practices. 

Emma and Molly’s small business, JAM the Label, specialises in clothing for people with disability. With backgrounds in Occupational Therapy, the pair have been inspired to explore the benefits of an inclusive recruitment strategy using resources such as the Field. 

Here is what they had to say:

With histories in Occupational Therapy, can you share your thoughts on why inclusive recruitment and workplace procedures are important?

Creating inclusive workplaces is beneficial for more than just those who are traditionally excluded. One of our favourite sayings is “When you design for the minority, you cater to the majority.” 

By considering how your workplace can be better in its physical, procedural and cultural inclusion, often the whole workplace will find their jobs easier, more enjoyable and meaningful. Creating an inclusive workplace shouldn’t be seen as a burden catering to a small minority, but rather an opportunity to improve the working environment for all employees. 

All of this starts with the recruitment process. Everyone deserves a fair chance at employment and contributing to society, so creating inclusive opportunities should be seen as the bare minimum, not a privilege.

Why are platforms such as the Field important for people with disabilities and SMEs?

Although providing inclusive work opportunities for people with disability can be easy, it is often seen as a daunting or overwhelming process for SMEs. This is where it’s integral that if an individual or business is unsure of how to best be inclusive that they consult with experts in inclusive employment. We’re users of the Field, which provides SMEs like ours with the tools and knowledge they require to be properly inclusive of people with disability from the start.

After so many negative experiences in the recruitment space, we think it’s important for people with disability to feel that they can trust that those involved in the recruitment phase are going to consider their accessibility needs and won’t have a negative response to them disclosing their disability. 

That’s one of our favourite things about the platform; the Field allows employees and employers to feel comfortable and transparent in the recruitment process to avoid  surprises or questions around how the organisation is being inclusive.

Why did you decide to sign up as a small business owner?

We signed up to the Field because as an adaptive fashion brand, one of our values is to collaborate with those with lived experience and to create employment opportunities for those with disability as much as we can. We were looking to hire talent with disability first and foremost – but we’ve had difficulty finding candidates in the past looking on other job seeking platforms. 

As a small business, we don’t have much opportunity to provide employment opportunities. So when we do, we want to ensure that we are looking for people with disability to fill these positions or job opportunities first. The Field definitely seemed like the best place to look for people to fill the positions. 

How has the Field changed the way you think about recruitment?

Personally for us, it hasn’t. We have always been aware of the statistics surrounding employment of people with disability, the unconscious and conscious biases surrounding their employment and have always felt incredibly passionate about people with disability being paid for giving their time and expertise.

However it has been wonderful to see the impact that The Field has had on other companies who may have not felt they had the resources previously to be able to look into disability inclusive recruitment.

What are some key learnings you’ve had using the Field?

Even being experts in accessibility and working in the disability sector for a long time, there is so much involved in providing a truly inclusive and accessible recruitment and hiring experience for people with disability. It’s always worth consulting with experts like the Field who are able to provide even more input and knowledge to those who may already work in the sector. There may be areas that we may have overlooked but through utilising platforms like these, we are able to ensure we are being truly inclusive. 

What is your favourite part of the platform?

The way you can upload the job description in multiple formats. The ability to upload a video, an audio recording and written word means that people can post and also access the job listing in a way that’s most accessible to them. 

What advice do you have for organisations that wish to use the Field?

We know it can be overwhelming or intimidating to start this process, however, the first step is to consult with experts.

You don’t have to be an expert in disability or accessibility to hire a person with a disability. You just need to answer the questions in the job listing transparently and find someone who is a good fit for your role and your organisation. 

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